How to Get More from Existing Customers with Info You Have Already

August 26, 2014 Mike Sommers
Data analysis tips for spas, salons, and fitness studios

As a spa or salon manager, you shouldn’t underestimate the power of collecting and analyzing the data you have about your customers’ preferences, services, and transactions.

In fact, having all this data in one place where you can review it, sort it, and compare it is a valuable way to see how your business is performing. Having that information will allow you to make adjustments that will help you get more from existing customers and grow your business.

Let’s look at a couple of examples of how having this ability can be useful to you and your business.

Say you’ve just completed your monthly inventory audit and discover you have too many bottles of hair mask or oil treatment in stock. Or maybe you unearth some mineral moisturizers that are about to reach their expiration date. Ideally, you should be able to easily identify the names and contact information of clients who’ve purchased those products in the past and email them with a reduced-price offer.

Order activity is another important type of data that can help you manage your business better. For instance, if you can create, save, and export subsets of your orders list, you can quickly find certain types of orders, such as those with deposits, refunds, or special reduced-price offers. You can also see how many orders you processed in a week that you refunded, the number of products that were returned, and which services were paid for with a gift certificate. Knowing more about the details of your customer orders can help you optimize your sales and customer service practices.

In terms of managing your book better, it’s tremendously helpful to have data on all upcoming appointments—that way, if you wanted to look up all upcoming hair color appointments that were pre-booked and need to be confirmed, you could use a pre-sorted list instead of leafing through your appointment book manually.

Getting a customized view of this kind of business information can be a handy resource and planning tool. With access to inventory, purchase, and bookings data, you can create highly specific reports—say, a report of female of clients who have spent $500.00 or more this year—and then regularly view and update it. A report like that could help you identify who to promote more expensive treatments to and who might be good candidates for your loyalty program.

Booker provides data-capture and reporting tools that make it easy to narrow down your customer list to focus on a specific set of behaviors or criteria. Drilling down on this kind of data will help you mine real value and opportunity for your business.

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