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June 19, 2014 Matt Mahoney
Customized mobile app for your business - Booker Customer App

When was the last time you spent a day away from your mobile phone?

For most of us, for better or worse, it's been years. With people checking their phones between 100-150 times each day, mobile devices have become the one item that never leaves a customer's sight, and the tool they increasingly use to get everything done.

We understand how essential mobile has become in your clients’ everyday lives—that’s why we’ve been working hard to put mobile to work for you. Today, we're excited to announce the launch of our new Booker Customer App: a branded app dedicated to your business that enables consumers to book appointments wherever and whenever they want.

The World Has Gone Mobile—and So Can You

There are two major trends underway that we want to make sure you can put to use to benefit your business:

  • First, mobile phones are changing the way people shop and buy. On average, consumers spend 3.3 hours each day using their smartphones – that's 20% of the time they're awake! A full 40% of smartphone users use them once a day or more to shop locally.
  • Second, mobile apps in particular have become where most people spend most of their time. 80% of time spent on mobile is spent in apps, whereas only 20% of time is spent on mobile websites.

It’s clear that mobile apps have become the most important way to get in front of customers today.

A Dedicated Branded Presence

When we talk to business owners, they’re very clear about their goals: more sales and more referrals.

The best way to achieve both is to stay top of mind with clients. But it would be very expensive to buy advertising to remind every client of your business every day (not to mention inefficient).

The better solution is to give your customers something of value, like an app that provides an extremely convenient way to book appointments. In return, you have the opportunity to get your brand in front of every one of your customers every time they use their phone. Alongside the daily rituals of visiting Facebook, reading emails and checking out the weather, your branded app will serve as a convenient reminder to customers to make that next appointment.

And there’s another big perk. We noticed most companies who offer apps force you to be listed in a directory next to all the other nearby businesses who are competing for your customers. Directories are helpful for discovery, but when you’re trying to create a loyal repeat customer out of someone who just had a great experience at your location, why send them shopping around again? An app dedicated to your business serves you best.

Hear how one of our customers found success with her own mobile app in this case study. 

Convenience for Your Customers and You

The Booker app displays essential information for your customers such as a location map, hours of operation, and click-to-call. Most importantly, the app gives your clients the ability to view your schedule and book appointments in real time.

Because the Booker Customer App works across multiple device platforms (iOS, Android, and Kindle), our team will help you make your app available in any of the app stores you choose – Apple, Google or Amazon.

It's Ready for You

We know creating your own app can be exceptionally expensive and require endless hours of your time. We’ve taken a different approach. If you're already a Booker client, your app is ready for you today.

Learn more about how to activate your Booker Customer App or visit the main site for more information about how Booker can help you do business better.


About the Author

Matt Mahoney

As VP of Business Development for Booker, Matt Mahoney is responsible for helping major online properties and their audiences connect with our local business customers around the world. He is currently focused on building Booker’s platform and service distribution business.

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