21 Hair Salon Marketing Ideas for 2017

October 21, 2016 John Rigo

hair salon marketing ideas

As a local salon owner there are a multitude of challenges you face on the day-to-day — keeping clients happy, maintaining a high staff morale, ensuring inventory is stocked... the list never seems to end. However, arguably one of the most challenging aspects to running any successful business is coming up with fresh ways to attract new clients. 

Though it may be pretty hard to believe, we've only got 2 more months left of 2016. With that being said, this presents you with the perfect opportunity to start fresh with your salon marketing ideas. Now is the perfect time to get those ideas rolling! 

Below are the 21 best salon marketing ideas to help you finish 2016 on an all time high, and give you tons of new ideas to take into the new year.

1). Post Photos On Your Social Media Pages 

If you’re not doing this already, you really need to be. Social media pages give salon owners a free (...yes, free!) opportunity to not only promote their business through words, but more importantly visually. Stop just telling potential, new clients why they should start coming to your salon. Show them! Take photos of your masterpieces, show the difference you make in each clients life — the time and effort you put into making them beautiful both inside and out.  Make sure you utilize all the big social media sites such as:

a) Facebook

b) Twitter

c) Instagram

d) Pinterest

At the risk of being completely cliche` - remember, a picture is worth a thousand words.

2). Share Your Promotions on Social Media 

hair salon marketing ideas

Not only do your social media pages represent a good place to share images, but they also are a great channel to get the word out about any specials or promotions going on at the salon. You put time and effort in to crafting fun and enticing promotions to help drive clients through the door. So, make sure they get the attention they deserve. Always share ongoing or upcoming promotions on your social pages to get them across a large audience in a small amount of time. 

3). Online Directories - Get Your Spa or Salon Listed 

2017 is right around the corner and the days of giant, yellow phonebooks are way behind us. Instead, your clients turn to online directories such as Google My Business and Yelp to connect them with local businesses in their area. In fact, about 88% of clients say they check online reviews on directories before ever stepping foot into a business' brick-and-mortar. So, if your salon isn't listed, and/or you haven't been monitoring your online reviews... start doing so, now!

4). Keep Your Website Updated and Looking Fresh

Besides checking out your social media pages or listed profile, clients also frequently spend time on a business' website. In many cases, your website is your first impression to a new client, and we all know how important a good first impression can be. With that being said, be sure your salon's website offers...

a) Nice photos of your staff and happy clients enjoying your services. As with your social media pages, it's important to visually show why clients want to visit your salon. 

b) Easily to access information on all your services, pricing, and any specials you may be currently running.

c) The ability to book an appointment easily and seamlessly straight from your website.

5). Offer Convenient Booking Methods

Convenience is king. It's one of the most important things a client will look for when choosing a salon to attend. Now, booking an appointment over the phone? Not the most convenient way of doing things for your clients. Think about it — during the majority of your open hours your clients are working. It can be a hassle for them to break away and make that phone call. What's more convenient for your clients is to give them the ability to book an appointment at your salon online. This way they can book an appointment when is most convenient for them, and it only takes them a second to do. With the right online booking system, clients have the ability to book an appointment straight from...

a) Your Website

b) Your Online Listing Profiles

c) Your Social Media Pages 

Make booking an appointment as quick and painless as possible. 

6). Create a Blog Powered By Your Salon

A blog gives you the ability to really show off your salon's personality and knowledge in the industry. Here you can share your advise on hair-care, styling advise, and current/upcoming trends. A blog is also a good place to give or discuss any product reviews (especially those you sell). Many successful salons utilize blogs as a means for generating extra attention and getting a conversation going their clients... plus it can be a lot of fun!  

7). Form Partnerships with Other Local Businesses

As a business owner, sometimes it can feel like you're marooned all on your own on some desert island. However, it's important to note that you are never alone. You're part of the local community and believe it or not there are other business owners who are always there to help. Consider swapping promotional materials with other local businesses you think your clients frequently visit. You can even try to establish exclusive promotions between your salon and another local business in your area. Some smart local businesses for salons to partner up with are...

a) Photoshops/Photographers 

b) Dress Shops 

c) Spas

d) Nail Salons (if you don't offer nail services)

e) Jewelry Shops 

8). Create a First-Time Visit Special

hair salon marketing ideas

Getting new clients to your salon can be as simple as making every clients’ first visit special - literally and figuratively. Welcoming first-time clients with some sort of “first-visit special” is the perfect way to warmly open your arms to new clients.

For example, try something like: receive $10 off your first visit. All you have to do is make sure you’re providing any potential, new clients with a little extra incentive to step through your doors. Use these first-time specials as a means to give clients, who might have been slightly unsure, ample motivation for giving your salon a try. 

9). Offer Last Minute Specials

For times or days that you know are usually slow, it's a great idea to spice things up with special, daily promotions. Make these promotions an "act fast" item. Set the promotion up during your slow times and blitz it out across your social media pages, website, and email lists. Watch how you can turn a systematically slow time for your salon into a profitable one. 

10). Offer Monthly Specials 

Every new month comes with the opportunity to freshen things up at your salon. Consider creating a new monthly special at your every month. It doesn’t have to be anything crazy, the point here is just to generate a little buzz, and give clients something to be excited about. Try something like $5 of your next cut during the month of November, or 10% off your first blowout in December. Remember — these don't have to be anything crazy, just something for clients to appreciate. A little buzz can go a long way in terms of attracting more clients to your salon.

11). Offer New Product Bundles

hair salon marketing ideas

You can’t always reinvent the wheel. In some instances, to attract more clients, you don't have to. Maybe you don’t have any new treatments or services this month - and that’s okay! You can easily work with what you have and essentially make something new from that. Think new product bundles.

If your like most salons, you make a substantial amount of profits from the retail you sell. So, for the 11th of the 21 salon marketing ideas we've got laid out for you invites you to focus on your retail. Consider pairing some products together and creating some product bundles. If you already do this switch some items within each around to get a combination that's new. 

12). Give out Sample Gifts with Purchases

hair salon marketing ideas

Staying with a retail focused mentality here — consider giving away a free sample gift with purchases from time to time. This marketing idea works to benefit both you and your clients. 

For clients - Everyone loves getting free stuff. This makes clients feel like your treating them to something special and will respond to your generosity with loyal re-bookings. 

For you - Giving away samples are the perfect way for you to test out new products with your clients. For example, before ordering a new shampoo in bulk to sell, you just order a few to sample out. If clients enjoy the new product THEN you move forward with stocking your shelfs with it. This will help you be smarter with the money you spend on inventory. 

13). Create and Distribute Punch Cards to Clients

It can be difficult attracting new clients to your salon, but that's only half the battle. The other half is making them stay and come back. A great way to do so is by creating a punch card loyalty program. 

Step 1: The way this works is that one visit = one punch. So, first, you want to decide how many punches will equal a reward. Try to make it a ‘clean’ number such as multiples of 5.

Step 2: Once you’ve chosen the number of punches/visits it takes, it’s time to choose what you will reward your clients’ loyalty with. For example it can be something like — $20 off next visit, half off next visit, or maybe even next visit free. Remember — the more compelling your loyalty reward is, the higher chance you’ll have of keeping clients coming back.

Step 3: Hand your bunch cards out like candy. A client comes in for a cut? Give them a punch card. A client comes in for consultation? Give them a punch card. The more people who get their hands on your punch cards, the more success you will be at building client loyalty and generating repeat clients.

14). Start a Referral Program

Start accessing your clients’ network of friends by implementing a referral program. Referral programs are great for encouraging new business. In fact, the New York Times reported in a recent survey that business owners reported about 65% of their new clients were generated through referral programs.

The key to a successful referral program is to push incentives that are both enticing, yet simple. For example, maybe you try something such as: $10 off your next visit, for both you and a friend, if you refer a friend. Bottom line, give your current clients incentives to bring new clients to your business for you. They’re a great source you should never underestimate.

15). Start Up a Monthly Newsletter

Emailing your clients a monthly newsletter is the perfect way for your salon to stay top-of-mind and remind clients to come pay (literally) you a visit. Important things to always include in your newsletter are as follows:

  • Current positive customer testimonials
  • Current specials and promotions
  • Visuals of services, products, and/or happy clients

16). Capitalize on Holidays 

hair salon marketing ideas

What do you think is more compelling? Bland, generic promotions or fun and interactive themed ones? Themed promotions are a great way to help your salon's specials to stand-out from the sea of competitor's promotions. Infusing your promotional ideas with a fun seasonal theme works to make specials you create better resonate with your clients. Some big holidays that local salons definitely don't want to forget are...

a) Valentine's Day   b) St. Patrick's Day   c) Easter 

d) Mother's Day       e) Father's Day           f) Prom            g) Back-to-School

h) Halloween               iSmall Business Saturday                j) December Holidays

17). Always Promote Gift Certificates

Especially keeping holidays in mind, gift certificates play an important part to the success of any local salon. Think about it — gift certificates are the perfect gift to give for both you and your clients. 

For clients — Gift certificates are the perfect gift for last minute shoppers. Additionally, they are the perfect gift for clients that might know their loved one wants a salon day or one of your products, but doesn't know what to exactly get (i.e. perfect for husbands for anniversaries). 

For you — Gift certificates are guaranteed money for your salon. You've already made the purchase, so if clients forget to redeem you're money is already in the bank. 

18). Always Face the Day Looking Your Best

hair salon marketing ideas

This does not necessarily mean just when your in the shop. This means, always. Think of yourself and your stylists as models for your salon. If you're rocking a killer cut, enough to prompt a passerby to ask which salon you go to, you now have the perfect opportunity to introduce your salon. It pays to look good! 

19). Have Business Cards on Hand at All Times

You want to appear like an established salon and business cards are an easy, inexpensive way to do so. Additionally, for the clients you bring in through word-of-mouth, business cards are the perfect solution to nab the those who are forgetful. Sometimes it can be hard to remember what we had for breakfast, let alone a great salon we just heard about. So, make sure you and your stylists all have business cards to help combat forgetful clients. 

20. Always Be on Top of the Newest Local Trends and Fads

It's important to know the newest trends in the industry, but it's almost more important to know what's hot in your own backyard. You can learn a lot from walking down the street or heading to your local mall, and simply seeing how the local women are wearing their hair. Once you have a handle on that, build some specials around cuts and styles that will appeal to local clientele.

21. Keep the Shop Spotless

hair salon marketing ideas

This may seem like a simple one, but it's important to note nonetheless. You'd be surprised how many salons leave rogue piles of hair on their floors, or don't probably clean their tools. It can be a major turn off to clients. Just be sure your salon always has a clean and tidy appearance. 

I hope you found these hair salon marketing ideas helpful! If your hungry for more salon marketing ideas to take your salon to the next level check out our free guide. 

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