Promoting Mother’s Day: Everything You Need to Know

April 10, 2017 Aditi Vora

Sunday, May 14 -- what does that date mean to you? It should mean a lot, because It’s never too early to prepare for Mother’s Day. Whether you’re running a spa or salon, Mother’s Day is a significant holiday with the average American consumer spending over $168 on mom. There are many ways to prep for Mother’s Day, but let’s dive into what truly matters, your bottom line. In order to ensure that you’re increasing your bookings and sales, you’ve got to promote your beauty business. 

Below we’ll go through the best ways for preparing for Mother’s Day for your spa and salon: 

  • Encourage your customers to purchase gift cards 
  • Talk about specials and promotions through social media
  • Send out special deals through targeted email campaigns 

Gift Cards - encourage your customers to purchase gift cards 

Gift cards are an incredibly lucrative tool for service businesses. Not only are you adding to your bottom line, you’re gaining a new customer and increasing the chances of that customer coming back to your business for repeat business. Holidays are always an ideal time to sell gift certificates and gift cards, especially Mother’s Day.

With 24.7% of mothers PREFERRING gift cards over all other gifts, it’s pretty much a no-brainer. They’re a slam dunk gift for last minute shoppers, and shoppers who are simply stumped as to what to get the mothers in their lives.

When selling gift cards, there are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Keep your gift certificates and gift cards on brand and customizable. Whether you’re selling these through your online store or at your physical location, you want to make sure that they’re customized to reflect your brand and your customers.
  • Make sure your clients are in the know that you sell gift cards. This may seem unbelievable to you, but, it’s not always obvious when a business sells gift cards, in which case, could mean a big loss in sales opportunities. Keep your gift cards on display, near the cash register, or maybe signage for them scattered around the business.
  • Promote your gift cards everywhere!
    • Business Website
    • Social Media Pages
    • Promotional Window Flyers
    • In-store signage
    • Check out area
  • Cross promote your gift cards with other services and products. Gift cards are a thing of beauty because the customer is in total control of the amount they’re getting. If you find that a client is looking for a supplemental gift to go along with a service they just purchased, gift cards are a great solution to that problem.
  • Create a Mother’s Day special offer. For every $100 spent on a gift card, throw in a free product of their choosing. Or create a gift card bundle that includes a gift card, service, and product you’ve chosen beforehand to promote.

Social Media - promote your specials through social media

Now is a good time to put up any of your upcoming Mother’s Day specials on display through your social media accounts. Put up new hero images on your Facebook and Twitter accounts and start posting updates leading up to the holiday. 

In case you forgot, here are the dimensions for the hero images* for Facebook and Twitter: 

Facebook Header Image Dimensions: 851 pixels x 315 pixels
Facebook Profile Picture Dimensions: 160 pixels x 160 pixels
Twitter Header Image Dimensions: 1500 pixels x 500 pixels
Twitter Profile Picture Dimensions: 400 pixels x 400 pixels

*Always remember remember to use high quality photos or illustrations that best represent your business, brand, or any running promotions you may have. You want them to be eye catching and compelling to look at. 

Take a look at how DryBar uses social media to drive home their brand’s messaging and promotions: 

Also, take note, there are plenty of good, free services you can use to create your images, like Canva. Have fun with it, keep it consistent, and watch your engagement grow.  

With social media you’ll be able to keep a steady flow of messaging surrounding your specials and promotions and keeps your current and new clients completely in the loop. Although you want to continue to follow the rule of thirds, your updates should mainly focus on trying to get your customers through the door. 

Hashtag #MothersDay

Hashtags are still the best ways for users of social media to follow topics they’re interested in or focusing on at the moment. Keep up with all the best Mother’s Day hashtags or create one unique to your business. #WeLoveMom

Increase Engagement with Giveaways

Create some buzz around your business’ promotions by creating social media challenges to increase engagement. We’ve got some good examples here:

  • Tell your followers that the first 5 people to share & comment on your business’ Mother’s Day promotions will receive 15% off their next purchase.
  • Give away a gift card or a product from your business for every picture posted of or at your business.
  • Tag your mom to a post and you’ll receive 10% off your next appointment

Email Marketing - send out special deals through targeted email campaigns 

Mother’s Day is the perfect opportunity to push your email marketing efforts and to send out targeted emails to your current and new clients. This holiday presents you with great material to catch the eyes of your customers and get them back through the door.

Craft a few Mother’s Day promotional emails to keep your customers apprised of your upcoming sales and even provide them with printable or downloadable coupons they can present at your business.

A few things to keep in mind:

  • Keep your subject line interesting and snappy
  • Provide value to your customers
  • Give them a clear call to action
    • Provide a booking link to your business
    • Downloadable coupon for a discount
    • Link to your website to see your different service offerings

Mother’s Day is coming and we hope we’ve given you enough to think about and prepare for. If you’ve got some other great ideas, leave a comment below!

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