6 Simple Steps to Creating a Facebook Ad

August 19, 2016 John Rigo

creating a Facebook ad

When it comes to attracting customers' attention, businesses will try pretty much anything. We see ads on television, read them in newspapers and magazines, hear them over the radio, and even pass by guys dressed up in crazy costumes handing them out.

Now, many local businesses don’t have millions to spend on televised or radio advertisements, and most people (and by most I mean all) don’t really want to dance around in a costume heckling people with flyers.

An extremely cost-efficient, effective (and embarrassment free) source of advertising business owners should absolutely be taking advantage of is Facebook ads. With nearly 1.71 billion active users on the social media giant, creating a Facebook ad presents local businesses with a great opportunity to engage with a much larger audience than usual.

Now, you might find yourself thinking: Yes, creating a Facebook ad does sound like a great idea for me , but how the heck do I go about making one?

That’s a perfectly fair concern, but just like how we helped walk you through setting up your business’ Facebook page, we'll help you do the same with ads.

Use our step-by-step checklist to help you start creating a Facebook ad in no time!  

                      creating a Facebook ad


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