Customer Satisfaction Surveys: How to Give Customers What They Want

March 18, 2016 John Rigo
customer satisfaction surveys

Are you giving your customers what they want or simply giving them what you think they want? Eliminate any room for doubt - implement customer satisfaction surveys at your small business. Sending your customers a simple, customer satisfaction survey is the perfect way for you to establish what's working and what's not. 

Think about it - maybe you want to try out a new loyalty program at your business, but aren't sure if your customers would prefer a points program or a punch card? Maybe you want to add some new services to your suite but aren’t sure which ones would be the most desirable to your customers? Or perhaps you’re changing some of your prices and want to know if your customers feel they get value for their money?

Customer satisfaction surveys eliminate the need to guess. Grow and evolve your small business with confidence. Surveying your customers routinely can give you tremendous insight into their preferences. This is important because understanding your customers is the key to providing great service.

Start gathering constructive information about the kinds of products, services and enhancements your customers want your business to provide. Just remember: Once you ask, you have to act. And when you make improvements based on their input, tell them so they know you’re listening.

Let's break it down - here are three ways customer satisfaction surveys can act as the compass you need to take your small business to new heights:

1. Customer Satisfaction Surveys Help Gauge Performance 

A short survey that asks for customer feedback about their experiences with your spa or salon can help you keep track of how well you and your staff are doing. That information may lead to changes in how you approach your staff and business management. Many customers may not complain when they are dissatisfied. Instead, they tell their friends, family and co-workers that they had a less-than-satisfactory experience. Unless you ask, you may never find out there’s an issue – until it begins to subtly impact your bookings and sales.

2. Customer Satisfaction Surveys Show Customers You Care

Sending out customer satisfaction surveys immediately following a service or treatment can help you find out how well you’re meeting your customers’ needs. It’s also a tangible way to show customers that you appreciate their patronage and are dedicated to continual improvement.

3. Customer Satisfaction Surveys Deepen Relationships with Customers

A customer satisfaction survey that asks your customers about themselves -- their preferences, their lives, their wellness – can give you information that can help you develop new services or treatments, order a different product line, or create specials around milestone events.

Stop wondering what your customers are thinking. Ask them!

Need help getting started?

Booker provides customer satisfaction surveys that you can include in the "Thank You" emails that are automatically sent to your customers after each appointment. It also allows you to create and send any number of additional surveys that address unique business opportunities.

You can find sample surveys under the Marketing tab once you’re logged into your Booker account.

                  customer satisfaction surveys


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