Leap into Spring with these 4 Fresh Marketing Ideas for Your Small Business

February 29, 2016 Erica Brooke Fajge

It’s leap year, and in honor of February 29th, we’re leaping ahead--and thinking ahead--to spring. With the start of spring only about three weeks away, now’s a great time to start thinking about marketing ideas for the new season. Read on for four creative ways to ramp up your marketing before spring has officially sprung.


1. Promote the First Day of Spring   

The first day of Spring falls on March 20th. It’s the perfect time to have customers thinking about getting outdoors and trying something new. For example, Rita’s Water Ice runs an epic promotion each year with a free water ice on the first day of spring; people flock there each year, and the lines continue all summer long. Offer a promotion or incentive on one or more of your services. If you’re a spa, a complimentary massage or treatment would get more clients in the door. If you’re a landscaping company, offer discounts on the first day of spring to get your lawn looking fantastic all spring and summer long. Play around with some fun, alluring spring promotions.

2. Emphasize Spring Cleaning in Advertising

Springtime is a time for new beginnings, and comes only second to New Year’s in terms

of starting anew. It’s time to get rid of the old and bring in the new--think “New season, new you” for your messaging. Use this as a means to reconnect with clients who were MIA during the winter. Reach out with these “spring cleaning” focused messaging in your ads and social media:

  • Spas/Salons: Spring presents the perfect opportunity to draw in new clients. It’s the start of a new season, and with that many of your clients will be excited to sport a new, healthy, beautiful look.

  • Pet Groomers: Now is the perfect time to tell your customers to get your pets groomed; since more snow is (hopefully) unlikely at this point, this is the right time to get your pets groomed for those longer walks outside in warmer weather.

  • Tattoo Parlors: Spring is the prime time for anyone thinking of getting a new (or their first) tattoo. With the switch from sweaters to tees and tanks, more skin is shown, so optimize this time to get your clients in the door and showing off that new ink.

3. Have fun with Holiday Promotions and Events

Spring is abound with holidays. It’s a time for celebrating and having fun. Check out these ideas for spring holidays that are just begging for you to leverage in any of your small business’ marketing or advertising efforts:

  • Easter: Devise some clever promotional ideas. Consider giving out Easter baskets or Easter eggs to customers.

  • Passover: If you have a Jewish customer-base observing Passover, you may want to offer matzah at your location. And promotional ideas around Passover, like Easter, is another great idea.

  • Earth Day: Think of how you can go green for the day (as well as other days). This will especially resonate with clients who are very environmentally-observant.

  • Mother’s Day: Mother’s Day would be an excellent time for an event--if you are operating a salon or spa, offer a special event for mothers and daughters with refreshments, along with special Mother’s Day-themed promotions.

4. Think Spring with Color and Design

 With spring, think rebirth and renewal--flowers, birds, and bright colors. Share spring- like images on your social media pages to get your followers in the mood. Add flowers or bright colors to your website in an eye-catching way. According to Internet design company Aspire, a person’s first impression of your website is 94 percent design-related. This type of imagery will resonate with clients and get them in the mood of the season.

Spring into the new season with web, social media, and marketing materials featuring:

  • Bright or pastel colors--avoid anything dark

  • Springlike images that symbolize rebirth and renewal--think flowers, birds, sunshine, blue skies, sundresses, the outdoors, even puppies and babies

  • Photos of high quality with bright lighting--avoid anything with dark shadows

Remember - people look forward to spring all winter long, so, so as a small business owner or manager, use this to your advantage. With spring nearly sprung, try some of these ideas--and leap way ahead of your competition.


Don't think we forgot about everyones favorite green, clover-filled holiday - Saint Patrick's Day! We have tons of great small business marketing ideas for this fun-filled spring holiday too! Check it out! 


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