The More the Merrier: Driving More Customers in the Door During the Holidays

November 26, 2015 John Rigo


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More. More. More. What small business owner doesn’t want to attract more customers to their business? More customers = more $$$. It’s a simple science.

Now, for most service businesses the holiday season naturally represents a time of increased business. Consumers go crazy tying up any and all loose ends before the holidays. They flood the local salon/spa doors to look their best for their big company parties. They ring up their HVAC provider’s line to ensure their heating is ready for their family’s arrival. They even storm the local pet groomer’s shop so fluffy looks her sharpest. However, relying on the seasonal demand only goes so far and last so long...

There are easy, more effective ways to actually drive even more customers through your doors this December that you can apply all year round. That’s why we’ve put together this short guide all focused around one thing - best ways to attract new customers. In this guide you’ll learn how to better understand your customers’ wants which will help you identify all the best incentives to offer resulting in the ability to draw in the most amount of customers possible to your small business.  

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John Rigo

John Rigo is a content marketer with Booker. His areas of expertise are writing and market research. John brings a unique perspective to the blogosphere with his extensive background in publishing. He also has a love for small and local businesses – how they work, how they grow, and why they succeed.

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