How to Create a More Inclusive Salon, Spa, or Wellness Business

In the beauty and wellness industry, every client is different—with their own unique background and needs. So, it’s up to you to make your salon, spa, or wellness business a welcoming and safe space for all people.

To do so, you have to consider the needs and preferences of various customers and grow your beauty and wellness offerings accordingly.

You'll also want to prioritize diversity and inclusion in hiring and training at your beauty or wellness business. Doing so not only benefits your team and your beauty or wellness business (studies show diverse teams are harder working and more innovative) but also your clients and the broader community, too.

With Booker and Mindbody customers leading the way, we've gathered a variety of ideas to foster an inclusive environment and improve the diversity of your beauty or wellness business—both for clients and staff alike.

Download our guide to expand your beauty or wellness brand and help your salon, spa, or wellness business serve existing and prospective clientele, including ways to:

  • Welcome all, by showcasing diversity in your marketing (including all body shapes and sizes, too), offering diversity and inclusion education for your salon, spa, or wellness professionals, offering services and products for all hair types and textures and skin colors, and more
  • Encourage cultural differences, by preparing pricing and service menus in all languages, offering consultations with multilingual hairstylists, aestheticians, practitioners, and more
  • Support the LGBTQIA+ community, by creating gender-neutral pricing and service menus, providing gender-neutral restrooms, designing services for transgender or transitioning customers, and more
  • Make those who are differently-abled or with health conditions feel comfortable, by revamping your intake forms, considering sensory needs, creating safe service areas for those who may be immunocompromised (many salons are doing so for wig fittings), and more
  • Recognize income diversity, by offering express services, a community-based setting, and/or introducing a layaway program for expensive services
  • Serve older adults, by offering senior hours and special discounts on beauty and wellness services for those on fixed incomes
  • Support families, by offering pre and postnatal and/or parent-and-me beauty or wellness services
  • Reach out to students, by working with local schools and creating specials around exam times

We'll also share strategies (including social media and your branded mobile app) for your salon, spa, or wellness business to promote your mission for inclusivity and your expanded service offering. If you've made it a goal to make your space inclusive of all people, this is the perfect place to start.

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