How to Sell Gift Cards Like a Pro

Throughout the year, gift card sales can increase revenue in your salon, spa, fitness, or wellness business. By selling gift cards, you give customers the chance to purchase something special for their friends and family from a local business they love—or to add to their own wish list.

And because, on average, consumers spend $59 over the value of a gift card, chances for upselling and additional revenue are pretty good.

To have success, though, you'll need an outlined gift card strategy. This includes how you plan to package, merchandise, and promote your gift cards. That's why we created this guide—to help you work out the gift card details now so you can simply focus on selling them (and earning extra cash) later.

From gift card presentation and bundling to gift card sales and payments, download our guide to learn how to develop a successful gift card program. This includes how to:

  • Provide digital gift cards that allow for a seamless payment process and enable the recipient to choose how they'll spend their cash from anywhere
  • Offer physical gift cards that can be promoted inside your business as the perfect gift option (you'll find that many customers prefer for paying for and giving a physical gift)
  • Draw attention to gift cards inside your physical space with signage, decor, and the help of your team (customers trust your staff's recommendations, which makes them the best ones to encourage sales)
  • Offer gift-ready cards with branded cards and/or personalized packaging (one study shows consumers will spend a little extra cash for a more personalized gift)
  • Bundle retail inventory and gift cards together to sell more merchandise and make space for new offerings (for customers, they're also more fun to give and receive)
  • Create experience gift card packages that include specially selected, complementary services for customers
  • Provide buy-one-get-one-free options or other offers for loyal and repeat customers
  • Use gift cards as rewards for employees or partners
  • Prepare for the holiday season with gift-ready options and holiday wrapping (including why it's important to stock up and promote gift card sales early on—90 days prior is ideal)

The takeaway? By making gift card purchases simple for customers, you can earn immediate revenue and create opportunities to upsell later on.

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