Salons, Spas, and Wellness Businesses Can Leverage Live Streaming and Pre-recorded Videos During the Coronavirus: Here’s How

March 18, 2020 Katherine Wernet

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Your business is all about connecting with people. Now, this connection is more important than ever—but, as many businesses face temporary closings, being in-person with clients may not be an option. So, what can you do? One way to reach your community is through video.

Live streaming

To reach your clients, in real-time, you can live stream. This is a great option if you want to interact with clients in the moment. Not sure what to offer? Meditation and breathwork classes are immensely helpful in these anxious times. After having to close temporarily, Stretch Health Canada is offering livestream mobility classes on Instagram and Facebook. 

Was your salon, spa, or wellness business planning to offer a workshop in the upcoming weeks? See if you can take it online. Schools all over the world are opting for virtual learning, and you can, too.  

You can even add a virtual offering to your schedule, like a tutorial to grooming and self-care when you’re at home. Microblading is going to be tough for clients to do at home; this is a great opportunity to provide a full brow how-to makeup workshop (you could even sell and ship them any products they might need for the workshop). Olive and June is offering three weeks of nail boot camp covering nail painting basics and nail art. The nail salon is also running a promo on shipping for nail polish and other necessary supplies on their site for everyone joining in on the fun.  

To the extent it’s possible, you can also take some of your appointments virtually. Depending on your typical offerings, you might need to get a bit creative here. Instead of facials, could your salon or spa offer skin consultations? Your team can still meet with clients and help them to feel their best.  

Do you offer or require consultations as a first appointment? This might be a great time to fill your pipeline if you can do these virtually. 

It might feel a bit uncomfortable at first to engage with a screen when you’re so used to face-to-face, but your clients will love getting the chance to interact and seeing your familiar face.  

Here’s how to live stream for your salon, spa, or wellness business

  1. Choose a live streaming solution 

This can be YouTube, Facebook Live, or even Instagram. Choose a platform that you think will work well with what you’ve got planned (Instagram Live is going to give you a vertical frame to work with, for example).  

  1. Set it up in Booker and let your clients know about it  

If you’ve got a virtual offering like a consultation or an appointment, just set up your new service in the software to indicate that the offering is virtual and is available to join via livestream. Use the word “VIRTUAL” in from of your regular consultation or appointment name. It should look something like “VIRTUAL At-home Facial Workshop” or “VIRTUAL 1-1 Appointment with Nutritionist.” 

If you’re temporarily not offering the in-person version of this service, make sure you edit your services so they’re not bookable online. 

It’s important to complete your description when you’re setting up your service so there’s no confusion. You don’t want clients showing up at your business when they’re supposed to be seeing you onscreen. Be sure to mention that clients who book a virtual service can expect a separate email about 5-15 minutes before things are scheduled to start with a link to the video. Update the auto confirmation email to reiterate that they can expect an email just before the appointment starts with the link to the livestream.  

Promote that you’re offering virtual services with an email (a great way to do it is through the Marketing Suite) and post on all your social channels. 

  1. Make sure your client has the link 

Your livestream is about to kick off. It’s time to send that email! Fifteen minutes before you roll, create a shareable link from the streaming service and invite your client that signed up in an email.   

  1. Start your livestream  

You don’t need to have a professional camera to get your live streaming efforts kicked off. A phone works. You can greatly improve the look of the livestream with good lighting.  

Do a test run before the big show to get all the kinks out and make sure you’re ready for prime time. But don’t worry if you make a mistake as it’s happening. Your clients are tuning in to be with you in the moment. That’s the magic of livestreaming!  

Pre-recorded video

Posting pre-recorded videos can also bring comfort to your regulars. Your clients miss you as much as you miss them. Denver Sports Recovery is reaching out to its community with a variety of videos shared on social. The CO business has posted a 10-minute sound bath video to help clients with stress relief and a 12-minute video sharing self-massage techniques.  

What sort of advice are your clients always asking you for? Create content around this. Maybe it’s a how-to video on the perfect blowout or how to perfect your at-home manicure technique. Could you share a video that talks about products that promote hair health (especially when many of your clients might be missing their scheduled cuts in the coming weeks)? Clients may need your guidance navigating products and maintenance as they settle in at home for an extended period.

Here’s how to create a video for your salon, spa, or wellness business

  1. Filming 

You can do these videos on any kind of budget. It can be a scrappy video on your iPhone (just make sure it’s on a sturdy surface or a tripod) or a professionally edited masterpiece. As long as its authentic, it’ll resonate with your audience.  

If you’re using any music, make sure you have the proper rights to use it. Better yet, partner up with a musician friend to create something new.  

  1. Publishing  

Post your video where your clients are. Do they love to engage with you on Instagram? Be sure to post there. YouTube and Vimeo are great spots, too, as anyone can watch them—regardless of which social network they prefer. 

  1. Promoting 

You’ve just made a great video, it’s time to tell the world about it. Hype it up on social and with an email. Consider including a link to your website to buy any products that you feature in your video. Your clients will want to enjoy them at home. You can even consider offering a promo code for free shipping. It’s time to share with clients right away!  

In difficult times, there’s nothing like seeing a friendly face. Get in front of your clients to keep them in good spirits (and to keep your business top of mind!).  

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