Custom Mobile Apps: Your Small Businesses Easy Answer for Millennial Marketing

April 5, 2016 John Rigo

custom mobile apps

Your business? Oh, there’s an app for that… or at least there should be! Big, medium, small - in this case, size doesn’t matter - businesses of all sizes can reap HUGE benefits from creating custom mobile apps. One of the biggest benefits to your business having its own mobile app is how it can help draw in millennials like moths to a flame.

The millennial market: a slightly amorphous group that many small businesses recognize they need to start appealing to but don’t always know the best ways how. With a spending power on rise to nearly $200 billion, it makes complete sense that businesses of all sizes are trying to draw in this young and upcoming market of potential new customers. One of the best ways for attracting millennials to your business’ doorstep? Having custom mobile apps!

Millennials are ALWAYS on their phones. Think about your kids, your nephews, your nieces - their phone is always in hand. The young people in your life are not oddities, they are the norm. Currently, Americans are estimated to spend about 3.5 hours a day surfing the web on smartphones and about 90% of that time is spent on appsOur phones have practically become an extension of our body. 

Believe it or not, setting up your own business’ mobile app is a lot less complicated than it sounds. Ready to quickly and easily bring your small business onto the mobile frontier and front lines of millennial marketing? Think the Booker Customer App.


custom mobile apps


Customize Your App

A Booker Customer App is 100% customizable. Have some fun with it - make it yours. Here’s an example of a fully customized BCA home page: 

custom mobile apps


Fully utilize the customizability of your BCA to let your brand really shine. If you have any company logos - use them. Have any company colors - use them. Any awesome pictures - use them. Your BCA is a great way for you to build some brand awareness and foster stronger customer loyalty with your brand.

Lastly, make sure you input a company description. You want it to capture the voice of your company and hit on what sets your business apart from the rest.

Keep Your Address is Connected

You want it to be simple for customers to find your business and easy for them to navigate there. Make sure that your business’ address is connected and comes up when clients hit the “Map” button. 

custom mobile apps

Showcase All Services Offered on Your App

One of the greatest pluses to offering a BCA for your customer to use is the fact that they can book appointments at anytime from anywhere straight off your app. So, you want to make sure that you’ve added pretty much all the services you offer on your “Book Now!” page. 

Yes, definitely make sure you get your whole lineup of services up there so you can fully reap the benefits that come with clients having 24/7 access to book appointments.

custom mobile apps

Upload Pictures

This is your chance to really show potential and existing clients what you’ve got to offer. We both know your business is the best at what you do, so make sure your clients can see that. 

custom mobile apps

Utilize Social Media Integration

1. Connect: Be sure to connect any of your social media pages like Facebook and Twitter to your BCA. Considering that about 78% of businesses get almost a quarter of new customers through social media it’s important that your business is utilizing social media. If you don’t have any social media pages think about setting some up - it’s super easy to do.

2. Promote: Once you’ve connected your social pages make sure you use social media to promote your new fancy company app. Get the word out there! The more people book straight from your app the less time you have to spend fielding phone calls and manually inputting information. 

custom mobile apps

Are you starting to see the beauty of custom mobile apps? Ready to join the mobile revolution and start attracting more customers to your business just like All Dolled Up Salons? Take a free demo, now! See what you think! 

custom mobile apps

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