10 Ways to Make Your Salon Stand Out

Rachel Rowley

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According to NailsMag, last year $8.54 billion was spent in the nearly 54 thousand nails salons in operation (10% + over last year).  This sentence, alone, illustrates the importance of making your business stand out. 

Shining Through

Advertising is still the main method used to establish the presence and uniqueness of a nail salon. However, today, advertising is so much more than just a print ad in the local paper. Here we will cover 10 ways to help your business explore its local advertising options.


Paid Advertising Options

  1. SEM (Search Engine Marketing)

This is also known as paid search.  The three main search engines: Google, Bing & Yahoo allow you to bid on relevant keywords to your business.  You determine the words and the bid amount.  Done successfully, your website will see higher rankings across online searches.  To learn more about SEM, see our previous blog post.

  1. Social Media

Social Media advertising is free and invaluable. These are easy to maintain if you schedule the updates.  In order to stay relevant, it’s recommended to have at least two types of accounts. For instance, you can offer your schedule, location and specials on Facebook, share industry trends on Twitter, show “Before & Afters” on YouTube and share photos on Instagram and Pinterest. 

  1. Website

84% of nail salons have websites. It’s ideal for sites to feature operating hours, services, products, prices, bios and appointment bookings.  If costs are an issue, there are plenty of free website builders out there to choose from.

  1. Local Listings

You might have the best nail salon in the area, but if no one can find you online, you’re in trouble.  Most local listing options are free. Here is a list of where you should be.

  1. Local Publications

Most communities have a local newspaper, community message board or newsletter you can place an ad in. Make sure the ad isn’t cluttered, your contact details are clear, and you have a call to action like “Call, Visit, Schedule.”

  1. Luxury Group Deals

E-mail-based limited-time coupons are a perfect way to reach prospective customers interested in a new experience.  Both Groupon and Living Social are companies that offer such deals to customers.

  1. Local Mailers

These have been around forever and remain effective – especially for attracting people who are new to the area.  Companies like Valuepak offer printed coupons to include in their seasonal mailers.


Unpaid Advertising Options

  1. Cross Promotion

Choose businesses that have synergy with your target customer like fitness studios, hair salons, juice bars, etc. Offer a free service to the business owner and ask them to leave your unassuming POP (Point of Purchase) display with your business cards or service menu.  Offer to do the same for their business. 

  1. Loyalty & Referral Programs

These are also known as Rewards Programs.  The goal is to reward your loyal customers.  If your customer frequents your business, offer a percent or dollar amount off their next visit.  Referral Programs reward current customers with a discount when referring a new customer who also gets a discount on their first service.

10.    Product Affinity

Some customers are brand-loyal; meaning they only patronize nail salons that use Essi, Butter, OPI, etc.  If your salon carries a premier brand, use window, storefront and in-store signage that will attract brand-loyalists.

The Bottom Line:

Advertising is investing in your nail salon’s growth and success.  It ensures your local community is aware of your business and attracts new customers.

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Rachel Rowley

Rachel Rowley is a content developer and small business consultant who’s spent her career building businesses through advertising, e-commerce and technology. She is an avid traveler and a hamburger enthusiast.

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