3 Quick Steps for Beauty Professionals to Attract New Clients

John Rigo

Though most see white during winter, the holiday and post-holiday season presents spa and salon owners with the unique opportunity to see lots of green ($$$). There are plenty of Valentine's Day photos to be taken, and tons of  parties to attend, both of which motivate people toward one goal: looking their best. The new year is a time your spa and/or salon can use to really increase sales… IF you can attract customers to your storefront. Follow these 3 simple steps to turn your spa or salon into the go-to holiday destination.

Step 1: Create a Holiday Theme

Consistency is key. When preparing for the holidays, it’s crucial to establish an overarching, consistent theme that really accentuates your spa or salon. A running theme helps your clients instantly identify any forms of communications your business sends out through the holiday season. 

Get a little artsy and have fun with it. Consider taking your current spa or salon logo and adding a little holiday flare to it. Use something like holiday reefs, snowflakes, and/or snowmen - something cute, holiday specific, and eye catching. Traditional, recognizable holiday graphics + your business logo = a perfectly balanced holiday theme which is both specific to your business but also easily relatable for holiday clients.

Don’t forget - you took the time to craft a killer holiday theme, so use that theme everywhere! Make sure you’re using it across all forms of communications, such as your:

  • Website
  • Social Media Pages
  • Emails
  • Gift Certificates
  • Window Signs
  • Advertisements

Step 2: Create Exclusive Holiday Specials

Pretty much every spa and salon out there will be coming up with holiday specials to attract new clients, so don’t make the mistake of thinking you’re the only one. You’ll be competing with a lot, and yes incorporating a theme will help you stand out, but the amount of new clients you can pull in is mainly going to fall on how enticing your holiday specials actually are. Two examples of holiday-themed promotions that clients will love are:

A. Gift Certificates: Gift Certificates are a huge seller during the holidays. They are perfect for any last minute shoppers and/or shoppers that might not know exactly what gift to give. So, consider making a holiday special promoting gift certificate sales.

Example -  Give a discount if the value of the gift certificate purchase reaches a certain threshold: say $5 off a $50 gift certificate.

B. Product Bundles: Product bundles give your clients the opportunity to bottle up your services and bring them home. Fair pricing and logical grouping is always important when it comes to creating a valuable package; however for the holidays it’s essential that you focus on presentation.

Example - Put the time into thoughtfully decorating and packaging, use your holiday theme! Customers have a long list of gifts to buy, package, and then wrap. Eliminate those troubles and your product bundle becomes invaluable.

Step 3: Spread the  Cheer on Social Media

You could spend the all the time in the world creating the BEST holiday theme and promotions but if you aren’t able to get the word out, well… then you’re not getting any new customers. So, what’s the point? One of the easiest, and most effective ways to reach a large audience for the whopping price of free is to promote your holiday specials on social media.

Consider promoting on popular social media sites like:

Create quick, quirky posts/tweets on a semi-frequent basis to make potential clients aware of all your holiday specials. Social media sites also allow you to visually showcase your special offers. It’s one thing to tell people, but sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words. Bottom line: new customers won’t come if they don’t know about the specials you’ve got going on, so let social media be your megaphone.   

Looking for even more great holiday planning tips for your spa or salon? Download our free Holiday Planning Guide! 


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