4 Winter 2015 Hairstyle Trends

Ashley Taylor Anderson

The dead of winter is a great time to play around with new hairstyles. Here are 4 trends straight off the catwalk that you can rock from now until springtime. 

1. Short Bangs

In recent years, longer bangs have stolen the spotlight, but 2015 will mark the return to short, Audrey Hepburn-esque fringes. 

Winter 2015 hair trends - short bangs

Source: Schwarzkopf.com

2. Faux Bobs

Runway stylists created a variety of faux bob looks during Fashion Week for Winter 2015. This is a fun way to try short hair without committing to a cut!

Winter 2015 hairstyle trends: faux bob

Source: Getty Images

3. Finger Waves

This 1920s styling technique creates super defined waves that sit close to the head. Grab those clips and get to it!

Winter 2015 hair trends - finger waves

Source: undefinedbeau.blogspot.com

4. Warm Colors

This winter, colors are going to remain warm: auburn, rich browns, and brighter reds will be all the rage. 

Winter 2015 hair color trends: warm auburn

Source: thebestfashionblog.com

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