5 Mother’s Day Spa Ideas

John Rigo

Spring is finally here! Just as the flowers start to open up, it’s important your mind starts opening to ideas for the next big retail holiday on the spa calendar – Mother’s Day.  Here are 5 ideas to keep mom happy and your profits greening with the season.

1. Mother’s Day Gift Certificates

http://gifttemplate.com/small_mothersday_template_01.jpgA generalized gift card is kind of boring. It’s Mother’s Day! Spruce things up for Mom and make your gift cards specifically suited for the Mother’s Day holiday.

2. Mother’s Day Gift Baskets

Gift Baskets are a great alternative for Mother’s Day shoppers to bottle up that day of pampering and bring it home to Mom. Make them cute, Mother’s Day specific, and be sure they push that “TLC” vibe she’s looking for.


3. “Mommy and Me” Packages

Get the whole family involved! Think about offering special Mother’s Day group rates to get Mom’s daughters, sisters, mother, grandmother, whoever, all through your spa’s door this Mother’s Day. 


4. Share Promotional Materials with Male-Centric Businesses

Husbands and sons are going to be eagerly looking to splurge on Mom and make her feel appreciated.  So, focus on catching the guys’ attention.


5. Mother’s Day Offerings Online

Let’s be honest, when it comes to any holiday we can tend to be last minute shoppers. So, consider all those fellow last minute shoppers out there by allowing Mother’s Day specials and gift cards to be quickly and easily purchased online either through your website, email, and/or social media.



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