An Easy Trick to Boosting Revenue this Summer

Aditi Vora

Are you feeling the heat of the summer hitting you? Memorial Day is upon us and and it’s time for beauty professionals to take notice: there’s a bridal season to prepare for. We know how important wedding seasons are for those in the spa and salon industries; it’s a no brainer! From last-minute beauty treatments to a surge in gift card sales, to getting ready for date night, this is a time that really brings in the big bucks.

What are you doing to capitalize on that? Are you focusing all your efforts on attracting new customer? How about taking advantage of the fact that you’ve got your entire network of existing customers at your disposal?

Spa and Salon Owners: Meet the Benefits of the Upsell.

Below you’ll find three key reasons why you need to start considering the upside of upselling at your spa or salon.

Boosting Revenue at Your Spa or Salon

By upselling products or services to your already existing clients, you’re opening your business up to extra revenue without having to spend an extra cent. Upselling is key when looking for additional revenue streams and growth. With virtually no added costs, you’re able to open up opportunities for greater profit and ultimately grow your business.

For example, is someone interested in a new hair cut? Perhaps they’d like to hear about your hair care package that would also include getting their hair colored and a blow out.

Creating a Stronger Bond with Clients

As a small business owner, your opinion on the best possible products and services carries great weight. Through trial and error, you’ve become an expert in your field and industry. As that expert, with your know-how and experience, giving your customers the option to upgrade their intended purchase and explaining to them all the benefits involved, whether it be a service or product, will make them feel as if they’re “winning,” and so will you. 

A Happy Client is a Client for Life

Once you’ve established that meaningful relationship with your client, your goal should be to keep them around for as long as possible. Each transaction leads for a way for you to ensure that your client’s association with your business is a long-term one. The importance of the upsell lies in the fact that you’re adding significant value to your client’s purchasing habits while increasing your own revenue and growing your small business.  

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