3 Tips for Attracting Millennials to Your Salon for School Picture Day Prep

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attracting millennials

School is in session and with the start of the school year can only mean one thing… School Picture Day! Now, last week, we discussed how picture day can be a great opportunity for local salons to pick up some extra revenue. Parents want their kids to look their best so they can share (or brag) with the rest of the family, and kids want to look as spiffy as possible for their yearbook photos. So, that’s where your salon can come in and make that a reality. You’re experts in the business of beauty and can be the answer for school picture day both millennials and their parents are looking for.

So, you might have a clear picture of why your salon can be the picture day destination for the fall, but maybe now you’re pondering how? What are the best ways to attracting millennials to your salon for school picture? Advertising your business to a younger clientele is actually a little different than you might think. In order to make sure your advertising or promotions are really going to work for attracting millennials and their parents to your doorstep, you need to make sure your tactics are tailored to that audience.

Need a few marketing tips for attracting millennials? We’ve got you covered. Check out these 3 tips for fully capitalizing on school picture day.

1. Use Your Social Media Accounts - All of Them

Social media can be pretty addicting really for anyone, of any age. Whether you like to admit it or not, we all know some of your most frequently visited sites are Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Millennials are no different. In fact they’re arguably more social media obsessed than any other generation. In fact about 71% of millennials check their social accounts daily. So, if that’s where your audience is, that’s where your promotions or any other picture day advertising should be.

Some of the major social media sites to consider pushing your picture day promotions on are…

a) Facebook

b) Twitter

With Facebook and Twitter you can make a short, concise posts to either push a specific picture day promotion or to simply drive awareness that your salon is the picture day destination.

Additionally, there are other social media sites tailored better for showcasing your salon from a visual perspective. The best two sites to utilize for this are...

a) Instagram

b) Pinterest

Millennials are all about digesting information quickly, and everyone knows a photo is worth a 1000 words. Upload pictures of some of your finest works. Show kids and their parents that coming to you means they’re in safe hands.

Need some help setting up social accounts for your business? Check out our Beginner's Guide to Social Media for a quick, easy process.

2. Create Your Own Smartphone App

Today’s day and age is undoubtedly a mobile one. You, me, and millennials in particular are always on their phones. And what do we do on our phones? Spend time on our favorite apps. With that being said, sometimes solely relying on your website just doesn't cut it when attracting millennials.

Instead, consider getting ahead of the competition with a newer, innovative trend and create your own branded salon app. A salon app is a great way for you to advertise your salon’s services to the expanding mobile customer. This way kids and parents can access everything they need to know straight from their phone. The right salon app should even allow them to book appointments straight from app.  

Getting one set up can actually be a lot easier than you might think!

3. School Picture Day Centric Promotions

Sorry, but you’re regular monthly specials, or loyalty programs aren’t going to mean much to young teenage girls on the hunt to look their best for picture day. Instead, what’s going to catch their eye are deals that are specific to their current issue — looking good for picture day. Consider implementing and promoting picture day-centric specials at your salon like:

  • Picture Day Themed Package Deals
  • Picture Day Themed Discounts
  • Picture Day Themed Referral Programs

Get creative and try to have fun with these. It will help to make your promotions stand out among a sea of boring generic ones.

Looking for even more tips and tricks for attracting millennials and more clients in general to your salon? Check out our Fall Advertising Cheat Sheet!

attracting millennials    


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