Building an Email List: 4 Tips for Local Salons

John Rigo

building an email list for local salons

As a salon owner you probably already know the importances of email marketing. Stats such as: on average businesses receive $40 for every $1 spent toward email marketing, do not necessarily stun you. You get it. I get it. We all get it: email marketing is an essential ingredient to any successful local business.

Though the importance of email marketing is clear for many salon owners, perhaps all the nuts and bolts that go into the success of your email marketing being is not. There are multiple components to a successful email campaign, but perhaps the most important aspect is simply knowing how to build an email list. If you don’t have a substantial, organized list of clients to send emails to… then how do you actually utilize email marketing at your salon? Well, simple answer: you can’t!

Without an email list of your clients your salon will never be able to reap the fruits of email marketing. So, let’s remedy that right now. Here are 4 tips for building an email list for your salon.

Building an Email List Tip #1: Promote In-Store Signups

No client should ever be allowed to leave your salon without first giving you their contact information… or at the very least being asked to. We get it, you don’t want to be too pushy. Completely makes sense. However, there are plenty of easy, casual ways for you to promote in-store signups at your salon. Consider methods such as:

  • Asking during checkout
  • Keeping a signup sheet at the register
  • Leaving a bowl out to collect business cards

These are just a few of the many viable options you can try. If you’re really determined to build that email list consider adding a special offer or discount for volunteering the information. Give customers a little incentive for giving you their email. Doesn’t have to be anything huge, but just a small gesture to say thank you.

Building an Email List Tip #2: Signup Info on Printed Receipts

99% of your clients leave your salon with print material in hand. Don’t believe me? Think receipts! After every transaction all your clients are presented with a receipt. Use this opportunity to inform them about your email list. Include small, brief messaging explaining where to sign up and what the benefit is. As you don’t want the receipt to be ten feet long, the benefit can be something quick and easy like “signup to stay updated on all upcoming specials!” This helps to turn every paying customer into a potential addition to your growing email list.

Building an Email List Tip #3: Advertise Email Capture on Your Website

The majority of local businesses do not take full advantage of their websites. Close to 60% of small businesses fail to even include their phone number on their website. So, it’s no surprise so little actually advertise their email list on their website. You need to remember: your website is your salon’s web property and you want to decorate the front lawn for all your promotional materials.

With that being said, be sure to feature a signup form for your email list on either the navigation bar or the footer of your site. The key here is making it as visible as possible. If you’re really looking to incentivize your customers to leave their email addresses, include a discounted coupon code for every signup.

Building an Email List Tip #4: Push Email List Signups on Social

Where is the best place to get a message across to a huge volume of potential clients, for free, in seconds? You guessed it - social media! Currently there are approximately 1.23 billion users on Facebook, 645 million on Twitter, and 400 million on Instagram. That’s a lot of potential client information out there ripe for the taking. So, get the conversation going. Let potential clients know that they are able to sign up for your email list. Make a post on Facebook, send out a tweet on Twitter -- just keep clients in the loop. Include a link to your signup in every post, and as always showcase the value for signing up.


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                           building an email list for local salons


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