Customer Spotlight: All Dolled Up Salons

Aditi Vora

Every month we’ll be featuring a success story of one of our customers at Booker.

Today we’ll be shining a light on All Dolled Up Salons and how they increased their revenue by 24% in just three months.

Moving Toward Mobile

Salon owner Sylvester Bailey began noticing that the salon industry was moving toward mobile appointment bookings. As he put it, the “app revolution” was taking over the salon industry and he wasn’t looking to fall behind.

With all the competing salons near All Dolled Up implementing mobile booking capabilities, allowing clients to book appointments from anywhere and anytime, he recognized that his business was falling behind. Fearing that he would lose business to his competitors who had gone mobile, Sylvester sought out a mobile booking solution for All Dolled Up Salons.

Booker Customer App

Sylvester found the solution for his mobile problem in the Booker Customer App.

Today, mobile booking availability has moved beyond just being a luxury, it’s now become a necessity. The newly available app became an instant hit with all of his existing and loyal customers. They fell in love with the ability to book their appointments at any time during their busy days, whether it be during their morning commute or while waiting in line at the grocery store.

With the new Booker Customer App, All Dolled Up Salons saw a 17% increase in bookings.

Along with an increase in bookings, the app meant that the phones were ringing less. Sylvester’s employees found that the extra time helped a lot with getting their work done and they appreciated the decrease in interruptions.

Salons Going Social

One of the best aspects of the BookerCustomer App is how it complements well with the social media integration. For salons, being as visual of a business as they are, it’s important to keep in touch with both existing and prospective clients through social. With the new app, Sylvester was able to post and drive greater traffic and attention to his salons.

“I promote the app on social media whenever I can. I even offer special deals like 10% off your next appointment to download the app. It’s worth it.”

All Dolled Up Salons is Growing

Since implementing the Booker Customer App, All Dolled Up Salons has seen major increases in both bookings and overall profits. In just the first three months, they had seen a 24% increase in revenue.

Going mobile has helped Sylvester give his salons that competitive edge they so badly needed.

Check out the full case study here.

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