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Recently, my daughter, a college sophomore, asked me about my work as a spa business consultant. Specifically, she was interested in understanding the components of business success, and what makes one business grow while another fails. The answer to her question involves three components: visionary leadership, cash, and a marketing plan.

This latter component is critical to your business’s long-term success, but it’s not always straightforward. Let’s explore 9 day spa marketing tips that can help you get more out of your marketing efforts.

1. Identify Your Marketing Budget

Before undertaking any marketing activities, you need to know what you can spend. 5% of total revenue is an ideal amount to spend on both advertising and marketing; that mix will change over time as your business matures.

2. Develop a Clear Brand Identity

You’ve heard it before, but it bears repeating: Your day spa’s core culture has to be clearly present in your marketing materials. Is your brand modern, fun, trendy, classic, organic, European, friendly, efficient, pampering? Prospective clients want to know that your spa is the right fit for them, and that they will receive a good value for their investment of time and money. Whatever your brand identify, make sure it meshes with your target audience and their needs.

3. Experiment with Different Marketing Channels

There is no one “right” way to reach your audience. Marketing today involves a multi-pronged approach, and you should continually be measuring your results and tweaking your plan accordingly. A combination of social media, a responsive website, community involvement, editorial coverage, and occasional broadcast advertising, should all be part of your marketing mix.

4. Develop Tailored Marketing Messages

Different marketing channels require different messages and tones. For example, imagine you’re running a marketing campaign to promote couples’ services for Valentine’s Day. Your basic offer will be the same, regardless of where you’re sharing it; however, the way you communicate that offer will vary drastically depending on the medium. While you might use an animated GIF, some text, and a call to action button in an email, you wouldn’t use that same content in a Facebook post or in a Google ad.  Consider the audience you’re reaching via each marketing channel and what they care about; then you can effectively create imagery and copy that will resonate with your readers.

5. Use Email Marketing to Retain Current Clients

Email inboxes are on overload today, so your messages to current customers should be targeted and sent at an appropriate frequency. For example, you might send a general newsletter with some educational information, an employee highlight, a product of the month, and a special offer, once a month; more targeted emails promoting specific services, events, or promotions will follow a different cadence.

6. Start a Hot List

Ask clients upon checkout if they would like to opt into your hot list to keep up with last-minute specials or appointment openings. This can be a great way to make clients feel special while also giving you another outlet to drive more business.

7. Develop a Loyalty Program

While running promotions to drive new client bookings is great, you shouldn’t leave your current clients out in the cold when it comes to special offers. A loyalty program is a great way to reward long-timers with extra incentives to continue doing business with you. You can use your loyalty program strategically to help you fill infrequently booked time slots, bolster slow days of the week, or get clients to try less popular treatments.

8. Invest in Community Building

Marketing isn’t just about selling your services and products—it’s about building a community of followers who are invested in your brand. Social media is a great way to stay connected and engage in conversation with an online community who also cares about beauty and wellness. In-person events such as workshops or parties can help you turn your client base into a community as well.

You might also consider adopting a local charity to support your community and give your day spa brand some additional visibility. Once or twice per month, you could donate money by dedicating a percentage of total sales, retail sales, or sales of a certain product. You could even ask clients if they care to round up purchase amounts to the nearest $5 or $10 mark and collect donations that way. However you raise funds, make sure you’re transparent about where the money goes, who it benefits, and how much you’re contributing.

9. Pave the Way for Internal Marketing Success

Internal marketing, such as add-on service upsells and retail sales, can only succeed if your staff is happy and motivated. Taking good care of your employees by providing competitive compensations, a clear career growth track, and incentives for internal marketing activities, will go a long way to ensuring that your day spa continues to grow.

The Bottom Line

Marketing is essential for attracting new clients, driving more business from existing customers, and developing deeper relationships with your most loyal patrons. These 9 day spa marketing tips can help you spend your time and budget wisely. 

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