How to Conquer the Holiday Bustle for Beauty Professionals [Step-By-Step]

John Rigo

It may only be mid November, but there’s a particular fever everyone seems to have caught - holiday fever. There will be plenty of holiday photos to take, and tons of holiday parties to attend, both of which motivate your clients toward one goal: looking and feeling their best. That’s why it’s absolutely no surprise the holidays are one of the most profitable times of the year for spas and salons, but also one of the most stressful.

For spa and salon owners the chaos that comes along with the winter months is all too real. All at once, between late November to the end of December, clients pour into spas and salons making effective management of your appointments and schedule all but impossible. Then, as if it were all a dream, things are dead from early January until the Valentine’s Day spike.

Going from crazy busy, to super slow, to busy again is immensely stressful, and difficult. How’s a spa/salon owner supposed to deal? Well, you can start by looking over our step-by-step process for both conquering the holiday surge, and keeping that rise in profits going even after the holiday rush. 

Step 1 - Conquer the Holiday Surge: Bounce Back from Last Minute Appointment Changes

The holidays are not just hectic for spa and salon owners, but for everyone - including your clients. You need to take into account that last minute issues will be popping up on their personal agendas. They are going to be constantly changing around their scheduled appointments, or cancelling them all together. Unfortunately for you, if these changes or cancellations are made last minute, you’ll be left with an empty chair and an idle employee.

Don’t let  last minute appointment changes or cancellations eat into your spa or salon’s holiday profits. Instead,consider an automated reminder system. Ideally, you want automated reminders that can quickly notify other clients of a last minute opening, prompting them to fill in the empty slot. During the holidays people are literally fighting to get facetime with their health and beauty professionals, so if you can quickly get the word out about last minute openings, you’ve got a good chance of another client filling the chair.

Step 2 - Start Planning Ahead: Get Those Email Addresses and Phone Numbers

The holiday surge is crazy, but if you can effectively manage things, it can be extremely profitable. You’ve got clients pouring in, but after the holidays pass, that might fade a bit. Don’t let this influx of clients just come and go. Make sure you’re asking each and every client if they would like to provide their email address and/or phone number.

Tailor this in a clever way. Don’t just simply ask. Make it feel like they get something special out of giving you this information. Something along the lines of “Would you like to provide us with your email address or phone number so we notify you of any upcoming special offers?” It’s vital you capture this information while things are busy and you have access to tons of new clients.

Step 3 - Keep the Holiday Surge Alive: Getting Clients to Come Back

If things start to slow down at your spa or salon after the holiday rush, and you’ve been  proactive and gotten their email addresses and phone numbers - the power is in your hands! If you miss seeing all the green that came with the holidays, start reaching out to clients and encourage them to come back. Let them know you miss them, promote a post holiday special - whatever the message, just get the conversation going.

It’s great that you’ve captured all these email addresses and/or numbers, but you may be finding it a little time consuming to individually send out all these emails, calls, or texts. Don’t be deterred by lack of time, because that can be fixed! Consider looking into automated reminders that can do all that for you. The right automated reminder component should be able to access your clients and automatically send all the communications you designate - no more calling clients, no more writing emails.


Need a little extra hand keeping your spa or salon holiday season prepared? Check out our free 2015 Holiday Planning Guide! 


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