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Salon spa beauty business client retention tactic: Email Marketing

Email marketing campaigns can instantly connect you with clients and deliver promotions that encourage more bookings and purchases from your business. Email marketing also is one of the most inexpensive ways to stay top-of-mind with your clients, remind them of their appointments and prompt interest in memberships, series or retail products.

Creating an email marketing campaign is relatively straightforward. First, decide what your goal is: Do you want to attract new clients, promote a new treatment, or fill your book? Or is it all of the above? Once you decide what you’re trying to achieve, you’ll be able to decide who receives the email you want to send.  

Here’s where your spa or salon management software’s customer profiles will really come in handy. Your profiles can help you segment your lists by showing you how long someone has been a customer (Is your email for new or long-term customers?); how much each customer is spending (Is your email to offer a new service or treatment at a certain price point?); how frequently they stop in, and how much retail product they purchase when they’re there. This kind of information can help you target your emails to the most appropriate recipients.

Hopefully, you’ve already secured the email addresses of existing customers that will comprise your contact list and you’ve segmented them into lists that refine how you’re targeting your emails. If not, it’s essential to have a spa or salon management software that can help you gather and hone this information.

If you don’t have a robust contact list, here are a few ways to build one. You can:

  • Include a sign-up form on your website.
  • Share email signup links or tabs via social media.
  • Ask customers for their email address during an appointment, treatment or during check-out.
  • Use networking events, like a client party, as an opportunity to get people to sign-up.
  • Offer customers incentives for providing their email address, such as a discount off of their next purchase or early access to a new service or product.

One key component of email marketing is retention marketing, which is the ability to re-engage customers who have gone to a competitor or never returned to your business. The other purpose of retention marketing is to increase how often loyal customers visit your spa or salon. If you’re trying to do this, you may want to look into an automated email marketing solution. Automated email marketing solutions make it easy for you to increase customer engagement and retention by sending automated email appointment reminders that encourage repeat business. It helps you reward clients for their loyalty and show your appreciation with customized offers to try new products or services.

Retention marketing brings in an additional revenue stream that you may have lost due to the inactivity of a customer. For example, your business sends out 100 emails a month and 20% of the recipients (20 people) read the email. You can expect at least 2 out of that 20 to make a booking. If your average booking is worth $50 that means your business has earned an additional $100 in revenue that you wouldn’t have seen otherwise. Assuming one client comes back three more times a year, you’ve just added an additional $150 in revenue.

Regardless of which email marketing approach you use — traditional email marketing or retention marketing — remember to offer your clients the option to sign up to receive emails from your business and give them an easy way to opt out. You shouldn’t send emails to clients without their permission or keep sending them messages they’re not interested in.

Sending too many emails can actually have the reverse effect – it can prompt people to ask to be removed from your email list. In fact, research has shown that the majority of email users will unsubscribe from a company whose emails they previously have chosen to receive due to receiving too many emails from them.

Email marketing can be a powerful tool that can help you keep in touch, retain and increase the loyalty of your clients.

For more client retention tips, check out our guide.

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