Marketing to Men: Leading Husbands and Sons to your Beauty Business this Mother’s Day

John Rigo

marketing to men

The sun is starting to shine, the birds are starting to chirp, and the flowers are starting to blossom - that’s right, spring is finally here! Now, although things outside your window may appear peaceful and serene, for spa and salon owners the start of spring can be stressful. The reason you ask? Two words - Mother’s Day.

For many spa and salon owners, Mother’s Day has the opportunity to practically be a second Christmas. According to the National Retail Federation, health and beauty business generated around $1.5 billion dollars in revenue Mother’s Day last year, and the spending for this year is only forecasted to be higher.

To ensure your health and beauty business is making its fair share of the billion dollar profits this Mother’s Day, we’ve already worked to identify your “Mother’s Day Shopper,” but now we’re going to help reel him in. With husbands and sons attributing to almost 20% more of Mother’s Day spendings than women, here are 3 tips for marketing to men and drawing them to you spa or salon this Mother’s Day.

Marketing to Men Tip #1 - Gift Certificates Ready and Available 

I think it’s pretty fair to say that the majority of men are not necessarily the most “spa/salon savvy.” For instance, Mom’s darling husband may know that a day at the spa is just what his wife is looking for, but he may not have a clue which packages or treatments to actually choose. Thankfully there’s an easy way your spa can help him out.

When it comes to men - push the gift cards. Have them clearly visible and ready to go for him. Make things easy. If he’s not sure what to get, you’ve got the perfect answer for him, “Here’s a gift certificate!” Don’t let him walk out the door because he’s a little confused or unsure. This alleviates his stress, Mom gets to enjoy a day of pampering, and you’ve put more money in your pocket - a truly beautiful scenario.

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Marketing to Men Tip #2 - Swap Promotional Material with other Local Male-Oriented Businesses

You probably have some exciting, enticing specials running for Mother’s Day you’re promoting on your website and social media pages, but considering that men aren’t your typical clientele there’s a high chance... they’re not going to see them! Obviously, that’s a problem.

Consider establishing partnerships with other local business who focus on catering to men. Think about--

1. Gyms

2. Men’s Clothing Retailers

3. Barber Shops

4. Sporting Goods Stores

These are just a few to contemplate. Ask to swap promotional materials and get started on forming a mutually beneficial relationship.

Marketing to Men Tip #3 - Make Quick Online Purchases a Reality

Gift purchasing habits between men and women are significantly different, to put it lightly. For many women it’s a process - a well thought out in advanced, well prepared kind of process. However, let’s face it here guys, for us - it’s more like a last minute crapshoot.

What this means for you as a spa or salon owner hoping to maximize sales on Mother’s Day this year is that your business needs to be ready for accommodating that last-minute, rushed male-shopper. The best way to do so? Make sure all your Mother’s Day offers are available online. This means Mother’s Day packages, group rates, bundles, gift certificates, whatever - offer it online. Help a guy out! Make purchases are easy for all last minute shoppers with the best method possible - purchases through the click of a button.

Looking for more Mother’s Day Tips? Check out our free Mother’s Day Planning Guide, now!

marketing to men

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