Mother’s Day Marketing Tips for Salons

Richard E. Altman

Moms have an unbreakable hold on us.  We’ve been trying to show our appreciation on Mother’s Day since preschool, when we inscribed our heartfelt thoughts in crayon on brightly colored construction paper.  While most people abandon homemade cards once they enter adulthood, they’re not always sure how to share the love on Mother’s Day. Many people resort to cliché gifts such as brunch at a crowded restaurant or flowers, without really taking time to consider a gift that’s a special treat just for mom.

Salons are in a unique position to know exactly what moms want—some pampering! In this article, we’ll cover a few Mother’s day marketing tips to help you drive more revenue this May.

Tip 1: Emphasize Gift Cards and Certificates

For children or husbands who don’t know where to start when it comes to salon treatments, a gift card or gift certificate is the perfect option. Make sure your clients and their families know can purchase gift cards at your salon and online for last-minute shoppers. As a special service, consider providing free gift-wrapping on print gift certificates or including them as part of a wrapped retail package.

Andre Richard, owner of three successful salons in Philadelphia, has had great success with Mother’s Day  gift certificates. His salon creates custom-designed gift certificates for the occasion, and customers can select either a dollar amount or a specific service on their menu.

Tip 2: Consider Mother-Daughter Packages

While moms enjoy a salon outing on their own, they also enjoy quality time with their kids. Creating mother-daughter packages can be a great way to treat mom and bring new clients in as well. You can develop a few pre-set packages to help daughters who may be less familiar with your services, or offer an a la carte menu to pick from. These packages will help you drive double the revenue and promote quality time between moms and their kids. Who knows? You may even inspire some families to start an annual salon-date tradition!

Tip 3: Consider Your Clientele

 “How you offer and price the services your salon offers for Mother’s Day depends largely on your client profile and the type of promotional offers presented by competing salons in your area,” says Andre. For example, if your clients are price conscious, you probably don’t want to create expensive packages; if your clients don’t really buy retail, then gift baskets likely won’t be big sellers.

Feel free to get creative with themed packages that focus on relaxation and special offers that hold special appeal to moms. You may also consider bundling your top services with less popular items to get clients to try something new.

Tip 4: Spread the Word

Telling your clients and their families about your salon’s Mother’s Day offerings is key.  How else will dutiful sons, daughters and husbands know what to purchase for their mothers, mothers-in-law and grandmothers?

Placing flyers or postcards at your checkout desk for clients is an easy way to let your clients know about your specials. They also have the added benefit of being easy to transport home and put on a fridge or counter where a family member might see it and take a hint.

Email marketing is another great way to tell your current customer base about your Mother’s Day offerings, whether they’re looking for gift ideas for their moms or want to forward your message to a spouse or child as an idea for them.

Social media is another great way to reach your clients and their kids. Make sure to post about your specials, packages, and gift card options. Providing appointment bookings and purchase options from your website or social media accounts can help you boost your sales even more—consumers love convenience, especially when it comes to buying gifts.

The Bottom Line

Mother’s Day represents a huge marketing and sales opportunity for your salon.  Make it your mission to remind folks that a day of relaxation and beauty is a great gift to give their hardworking moms. Provide flexible gift and purchase options, and don’t forget to spread the word early with your clients and prospects.

About the Author

Richard E. Altman

Richard is the owner of REA Communications, a consulting group providing public relations, marketing communications strategies, advertorial and editorial services to client companies.

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