Mother’s Day Marketing Tips for Spas

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She gives us her attention, her guidance, and her love – her name is Mom. From the beginning our mothers have always been there to give us anything we need. Mother’s Day is that special time we get the chance to give back, and give back we do.

Last year, the National Retail Federation estimated that consumers spent approximately $20 billion dollars for Mother’s Day. Now that wasn’t all generated from the spa industry, but fortunately we all know spas offer moms what they really want on their special day – some quality “R&R” and “TLC”!  In this article, we’ll explore a few Mother’s Day marketing tips for spas to make sure your getting the biggest possible slice of the $20 billion dollar profits this May. 

Tip 1: Identify the “Mother’s Day Shopper”

According to Forbes’ annual Brand Keys Mother’s Day Survey, men spend approximately 83% more than women for Mother’s Day. This makes sense. Hopefully, moms aren’t buying their own gifts.

With that being said, it’s important to get your spa and Mother’s Day promotions in front of male consumers. Consider setting up partnerships with local businesses who focus on catering to men. Gyms, male clothing stores, and barber shops are just a few to think about. Ask to swap promotional marketing materials and form a mutually beneficial relationship. 

This marketing tip for spas not only can drive sales for Mother’s Day, but also for any other gift-giving occasion.

Tip 2: Promote Gift Cards and Gift Certificates

Not all Mother’s Day shoppers are going to be necessarily “spa savvy.” For example, a son may know that a spa day will be the perfect gift for Mom, but he might not have a clue what packages or treatments to choose. There’s a very easy way for you to help him out.

Push the gift cards – they’ll be a big seller! Last year, the National Retail Federation reported that about` 43% of Mother’s Day shoppers showed Mom their appreciation with a gift card. With potentially half of Mother’s Day shoppers looking for convenient alternatives, it’s critical that costumers are aware they can purchase gift cards at your business.

Place gift cards front and center at your checkout or promote them in your store window. Also, making gift cards available online for any last-minute Mother’s Day shoppers is definitely a plus.

Tip 3: Think “Mommy and Me” Packages

On Mother’s Day some mothers look forward to “me” time; however, it’s important you consider the moms who might want to spend the day with their families.

Be as inclusive as possible. Setting special Mother’s Day group rates is a great way to get the whole family involved. Promoting “Mommy and Me” packages is perfect for not only getting Mom through your doors but also daughter, sister, grandma, the list goes on and on.

Tip 4: Get the Word Out

We all know that your services are the perfect gift for any mother on Mother’s Day, but do your clients? It’s essential to remind them and get the word out!

Flyers or postcards at your checkout desk can make a world of difference. This is an easy marketing tip for spas to help keep clients aware of any existing and upcoming Mother’s Day specials.  

Email Marketing is another important marketing tip for spas to help keep clients informed of their Mother’s Day offerings. If most of your client emails are in fact mothers, that’s okay! Your email can easily be forwarded as a hint for husbands, sons, and/or daughters searching for that perfect Mother’s Day gift. 

Social Media is another crucial marketing tool that can be utilized in order to get the word out about any Mother’s Day specials. It’s an extremely cost effective way to reach a large audience!

The Bottom Line

Mother’s Day presents spas, arguably more than any other industry, huge sales and marketing opportunities. Moms deserve nothing but happiness, particularly on Mother’s Day.  So, make sure people know that a day of pampering at your spa will bring her just that. Keep your gift cards handy, packages flexible, and remember to use all available channels in order to get the word out to Mother’s Day shoppers.




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