Online Booking Benefits: More Appointments for Waxing Salons

online booking benefits | waxing salon

As we’ve discussed in last week’s post: during the summer months the competition between local waxing salons can get pretty heated. The more skin you’re showing off, the more important waxing becomes. What’s one of your waxing salon’s best weapons for establishing itself as this year’s the summer destination? A strong online presence!

Whether you’re a sole proprietor, have a handful of technicians, or manage multiple waxing salons — you NEED a strong online presence. We’re not here to convince you of that though. We’ve already done that last week. Instead, in today’s post we’re going to show you how you can fully leverage your online presence for bringing in tons of business to your waxing salon. We’re going to introduce you to the marvels of online booking.

Below are all the online booking benefits your waxing salon could and should be reaping this summer.

1. Business Website: What’s the first thing your customers look at before ever stepping foot into your waxing salon? Chances are — your website. In most cases your website acts as a first impression for customers. In fact, about 97% of consumers will search a local business' website before ever entering the door. Considering there is that much traffic on your website, take advantage of that with online booking. An online booking system will allow you to input your calendar right onto your website. This way when customers come to your website they can see your availability and book appointments right there and then.

2. Facebook Business Page: Since you already know how important having an online presence is we’re going to assume you’ve already set your business up with a solid Facebook business page. Social media platforms like Facebook are where your customers are. About 72% of Americans use Facebook and about 78% of small business get about a quarter of new customers via social media. If that’s where potential, new customers are, that’s also where you want your schedule to be.

The right online booking system allows you to seamlessly integrate your online calendar to your waxing salon’s Facebook business page. This way if potential, new clients are viewing your posts or scrolling through pictures and like what they see — they can book an appointment right off your page.

3. Online Directory Listing ProfileDigital advertisements, email campaigns, and even printed materials are all great tactics for attracting new clients. However, at the end of the day there is one thing your clients will trust over everything else — online reviews. In fact, 88% of customers use online reviews when determining the quality of a local business. Online business directories such as Google my Business and Yelp work to fully bridge the gap between your clients and your waxing salon. So, be sure to fully connect that bridge with online booking.

Similar to your website and social profiles, the right online booking system will allow you to link your online calendar with your listed profile. Now once a client is swayed by your compelling reviews, they can access your calendar and book their appointment right from your profile. Online booking works to instantly satisfy your customers needs and eliminates any barriers and delays to booking an appointment.

The Outcome — Helping Your Bottom Line

Online booking helps to improve your quality of service and overall client experience by making your business…

A) Bookable 24/7: Online booking makes your waxing salon bookable regardless of what your actual open hours are. Clients can book appointments when it’s convenient for them whether that be at 2pm in the afternoon or 2am in the morning — the power is in their hands.

B) Bookable on the Go: Online booking not only makes it possible for clients to book whenever they want but also from wherever they are. Clients can access your online calendar from any mobile device whether they’re on a crowded train, on line at the grocery store, on a walk with dog — wherever they may find themselves they can quickly book an appointment at your waxing salon with the click of a button

Ready to give online booking a try at your waxing salon? See how Booker can help!

                       online booking benefits | waxing salons

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