5 Ways Bowtie Can Help Your Business Get Through COVID-19

Denise Prichard

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If you run an appointment-based business, then you know that face-to-face interaction and a hands-on approach to delivering your services is crucial to your business. However, during a time when businesses in communities that have been affected by COVID-19 (aka the coronavirus) are forced to close their doors, you may be wondering how you can stay in touch with your clients.  

Please know that you’re not alone, and we are here to help you through this unforeseen crisis. Salons, spas, massage studios, and wellness clinics all over the world are making hard decisions on what to do when it comes to the coronavirus pandemic. 

With so much changing, so rapidly, you probably don’t have time to answer the phone. Now might be the perfect time to use Bowtie. Whether you’re still open or you’ve been forced to temporarily close your doors to protect your community, Bowtie’s AI receptionist can tackle the influx of incoming calls to help you stay connected with your client base and keep them abreast on what’s happening at your business. 

Here are five ways Bowtie can help you manage your business through COVID-19: 

1. Save time by sending a message to multiple clients or staff members at once

In times like these, it is crucial to be able to connect with your clients and your staff in an efficient and effective manner. Need to let folks know you are adjusting your hours or are temporarily closing your doors? No problem. Bowtie released a new feature that will allow you to broadcast important updates to your team and your customers in real-time in just one click! 

2. Encourage rescheduling 

For preventative measures, you may be cutting your operating hours down and encouraging staff to stay home to prevent the virus from spreading in your community. If that’s the case, you can use Bowtie to help answer any incoming calls. Or if your salon, spa, or wellness facility needs to close temporarily, your customers can use Bowtie to reschedule any existing appointments you already have in the books without having to rely on human intervention.

3. Update missed call texts, voicemails, and webchats 

With the landscape changing rapidly, a great way to communicate with your clients is by updating your replies when a client reaches out to your business. Here’s a great example of how Takamichi Hair is responding to clients: 

4. Update your FAQs to automate messages 

During this time, it’s vital you update your Frequently Asked Questions to address how your business is handling things during COVID-19. Here are some topics you may want to cover:  

  • Business hours 

  • Safety and cleaning 

  • Community support  

  • Cancellation policy 

  • Membership 

  • Rescheduling 

  • How clients can support your business (gift cards) 

5. Update your cancellation fees 

A cancellation fee is a great practice during typical business operations to make sure you don’t lose revenue when a client is a no-show, but it may encourage clients who aren’t feeling 100% to power through and make it to their service now. Make sure your clients know that they can cancel without penalty if they’re not feeling well and they can reschedule with you once they are better.  


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