3 Must-See Pet Industry Trade Shows

They’re great for networking, fantastic for learning, and perfect for staying on top of industry trends… that’s right, we’re talking industry trade shows. Now, we’ve already discussed why you should be attending your industry’s trade shows, but what we haven’t gotten into is which trade shows out there are best for your specific industry.  

So, let’s get into specifics. The pet industry has a variety of outstanding trade shows for business owners to attend, spanning across the entire country. Without any further ado, here’s our list of the 3 best pet industry trade shows.

1. Groom Expo


Where: Hershey, Pennsylvania

When: September 17 - 20th, 2015

That’s right, Groom Expo is right around the corner, and it’s one pet industry trade show you do not want to miss! Groom Expo is one of the largest grooming shows in the country and brings in thousands of pet professionals to the Hershey Lodge and Convention Center in Hershey, Pennsylvania every year. There are tons of educational seminars, exhilarating grooming competitions, and plenty of time during the 3 days to meet and connect with fellow pet business owners.

Groom Expo gives pet business owners the opportunity to visit nearly 130 major pet care manufactures and distributors from all across the nation. Make sure you get your ticket soon as the last day to register is September 15th!!

Booker will be there too! Stop by, say hello, and chat a while! You can find us at booth #15!  


2. Super Zoo


Where: Las Vegas, Nevada

When: August 2 - 4, 2016

We’ll look for any excuse for a Vegas trip, right? Well, If you work in the pet industry, we’ve found yours, and it’s called Super Zoo. Super Zoo provides numerous seminars for attendees educating them on how to grow your customer base, increase your sales, and build your business’ profits.

Also, Super Zoo hosts one of the fiercest, most exciting grooming competitions around. Winning is a victory in and of itself, but Super Zoo believes grooming champions deserve a little more than just bragging rights. Typically, Super Zoo gives away close to $50,000 in prizes to grooming victors. So, if you’re a groomer looking to show what you can do, definitely consider signing up and throwing your hat in the grooming ring.

3. PetQuest


Where: Wilmington, Ohio

When: June 23-26th, 2016

We’ve hit the East, and covered the west, so it’s only fair we show some central love. The go-to pet show in central America is hands down PetQuest. PetQuest is an excellent trade show brought to you by Barkleigh Production, the publishers of some of the industry’s most well-known magazines like Groomer to Groomer and Pet Boarding & Daycare. PetQuest attendees are able to speak with countless industry experts, test out and purchase all the newest equipment, and attend a multitude of different educational seminars.

Like Super Zoo, Pet Quest is also home to fun grooming competitions with generous cash awards for winners. Pet Quest holds contests across a variety of breed class competitions such as: Poodle, Salon Freestyle and Sporting, Wired Coated Breed, All Other Purebreds, and Creative.

So, which pet trade show are you just dying to attend? Did we happen to leave out a particular favorite of yours? Be sure to leave us a comment below!


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John Rigo

John Rigo is a content marketer with Booker. His areas of expertise are writing and market research. John brings a unique perspective to the blogosphere with his extensive background in publishing. He also has a love for small and local businesses – how they work, how they grow, and why they succeed.

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