3 Reasons Why Repeat Customers Make Salons and Spas More Money

two women in salonAs a salon or spa owner, what do you do when you find yourself at the crossroads of attracting new customers or appealing to the ones you already have? Though establishing a healthy balance between the two is important, believe it or not, retaining your customers is less expensive than focusing on attracting first-timers. So what does this mean for your salon or spa? Sure. We all want more customers and to fill every appointment, but your marketing efforts and service offerings should cater to your already existing customer base.
Here are the three biggest reasons why repeat customers can be worth more to a salon or spa business than first-timers.

1. It costs less.

New customers can be an expensive commodity. In fact, it costs roughly  5 times more for small businesses to attract new customers versus simply trying to get existing customers to come back. It comes as no surprise that advertisements are not cheap. Small businesses specifically shell out about 7-8% of their annual revenue on advertising efforts.
Put that money back in your pocket and stop spending on mobile, online, directory, and/or print ads with the hopes of just attracting more customers through your doors. Instead, consider creating a membership program or an appointment series to lock in repeat business from customers who come in on a regular basis.

2. Repeat customers spend more money.

Simply put, repeat customers equals more money. There is no arguing that. It’s a methodology that governs many business owners’ thought logic. However, there’s also a HUGE opportunity for salon or spa owners to increase their sales through existing customers.
The more you can get customers to come back to your business, the more loyal these customers will become—and a loyal customer is much easier to upsell or cross-sell to than a new one. Think about it. You’ve already gained a loyal customer’s trust. So, if after their service you pitch your new service add-on and explain how it’s perfect for them, repeat customers are much more likely to purchase it over a new customer whom you just met.
3. Let’s get those referrals!

As we’ve touched upon, repeat customers can be counted as loyal customers. Loyal customers aren’t wishy-washy when it comes to choosing a salon or spa. They know who they want, who they trust—yes, we’re talking about you!
Essentially your salon or spa business has made a friend, but don’t forget your new friend has friends of their own. Unlike new customers, repeat customers are extremely likely to tell their friends about how your business is the best place for quality service. By focusing on promoting repeat customers, your business has the indirect benefit of reaching a new network of customers—for free!

Want to learn about more effective ways to increase retention at your salon or spa? You will love this guide


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