3 Simple and Free Website Building Services for Web Building Noobs

Free Website Building

Creating a website for your small business is the perfect way to bring your business out of the Jurassic Era and into the Digital Age. A company website can help your small business reach a larger audience, increase availability, and act as a marketing tool, all while bettering your customer engagement.

So, sure, a website for your small business sounds great, but actually creating a website probably sounds like something way over your head, right? Wrong. You don’t need to be a computer wiz, or even know what coding is entirely. There are tons of free web building services out there that make creating a website for your business simple and actually kind of fun too.

Without any further ado - let’s take a look at some of the best free web building services out there dedicated to creating awesome websites for your small business.


Building 55 million websites is quite the accomplishment, and Web.com wears this badge proudly. It’s been around since 2001, much longer than a lot of the newer web building services out there today; however, Web remains one of the most popular sites small business owners use to create their business websites. Web isn’t old - Web is experienced.

Free Website Building

Some Perks of Using Web.com

  1. Web is extremely user-friendly. They allow you to simply drag and drop any modules such as paragraphs, pictures, and slideshows right into your website. You can edit any of your items just by clicking on them.
  2. Web has its own App Store. This App Store allows you to easily integrate extra features and third party tools straight into your website such as blog, forum, and/or guestbook functionalities. 


Weebly is perhaps best known for being one of the most user-friendly “drag and drop” web building services there are. Weebly is great for helping all the technophobes out there become more comfortable with finally getting on the internet. Considering that there are well over a billion websites on the internet, and Weebly powers 2% of them, it’s an understatement to say they’re website building experts. 

Free Website Building

Some Perks of Using Weebly

  1. Weebly presents small businesses with a huge variety of different templates. You can implement a more professional looking template, or maybe a more fun looking one depending on your branding strategy. Weebly regularly adds more design templates to their bank.
  2. As touched upon, Weebly is extremely easy-to-use. They’re not into overwhelming you with an excess of tools. Instead, they provide you with the basics to create a strong and functional website.  


Offering simple-to-set and stunning-to-view website design templates is what Wix is all about. They offer over 500 templates for you to browse through until you find the perfect one for your business website. Wix helps people who have no idea how to code, or what even exactly coding is, to easily create beautiful and interactive websites. 

Free Website Building

Some Perks of Using Wix

  1. Wix’s main concern is that you’re able to create, maintain, and operate your website hassle free. That’s why Wix provides access to all it’s users with a thorough and digestible help center. They outline literally any question you could possibly have and provide simple step-by-step solutions.
  2. More than either of the other two, Wix provides sensational design templates that make your website appear like it costed you tons of $$$ when in actuality it was free. Considering that a website is many small businesses first impression on consumers, Wix presents small business owners a great way to make their business appear extremely established and reputable.

Well, that’s our list - but what do you think? Do you agree, or do you think we left someone out? Be sure to weigh in and leave us a comment below!   

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