3 Steps to Creating an Awesome Online Survey

John Rigo

Wouldn’t it be cool if you could reach into your customer’s mind and read their thoughts, getting all their opinions and feelings on your business and the services you provide? Imagine how successfully you could tailor your services to perfectly fit your customers’ needs? Well, if you’re waiting for the part that I teach you how to develop psychic powers, I hate to break it to you but I’m not Professor X of the X-Men and this post might be somewhat of a let down… however, I can teach you another (more realistic) method to gather valuable insights on how your customers really feel about your services.

All you need to do is create an online survey and blitz it out to your customer base. An online survey is the perfect way for you gain customer feedback on your services and then fix them up according to the responses in order to best serve your customer base. Services that fit customer needs equal happy customers which in turn equal more $$$ for your business. It’s simple mathematics. So let’s get down to business and get started on building your online survey.  

Step 1: Where to Create Your Free Online Survey

First things first, you need to find a survey generator to actually build your online survey. Now, there are tons of survey generators out there, but one that we’ve found to be the easiest to use and free (did I mention it’s free?) is:


Need to create a quick, simple poll? Maybe instead you’re looking for some more in-depth market research? Either way SurveyMonkey is a great tool for you to easily create useful online surveys. SurveyMonkey offers a bunch of great features to use such as:

  1. 15+ Question Types: Multiple choice, rating scales, comment/essay box questions, demographic questions, etc. - any type of question you could possibly conceive of to use, they’ve got it.  
  2. Custom Logo + Branding: Gives you the option to customize any online surveys you create with your company logo, and colors to better drive brand awareness and make the survey really feel yours.
  3. Mobile App: For all of those out there constantly on the go, SurveyMonkey has it’s own mobile app. You can create online surveys from the app and monitor all the results as they come in from wherever you happen to be.
  4. Flexible Sendability: Your online survey can be sent across multiple mediums such as mobile, web, and/or social media, whatever you think will be the best way to reach customers

Step 2: Crafting Your Online Survey

You can’t just rush into a survey and throw together a bunch of random questions. I mean you can… but you’re not going to get the feedback you were hoping for. When creating questions for your online survey there are a few best practices to consider in order to receive the highest amount of feedback from your customers and to prompt the highest quality of response.

  1. Less is More: On average shorter surveys tend to produce a higher number of feedback than longer, more drawn-out surveys. Think about it, do you have the time to dedicate an hour on taking a survey? I’m going to guess, no. Plus, do you really want to spend all that time making an hour long survey? Ideally, you want your survey to be 30 questions or less. According to SurveyMonkey, on average this should keep your survey 10min or under to complete.
  2. Avoid Loaded or Leading Questions: Honesty is the best policy. You want the truth. Avoid questions that are going to influence customer feedback in a certain direction. For example stay away from questions like, “What did you think of our newly improved, all-inclusive service package?” You’re leading your customers with words like “newly improved” and “all-inclusive” to give you a positive responsive regardless of how they actually felt.
  3. Give “Special” Incentives: In a perfect world your online surveys would receive a 100% response rate, but let’s be real sometimes we need to sweeten the deal for people in order for them to do something for us. If you’re not satisfied with your usual response rate consider offering customers a special promotion if they complete your survey. It can be something simple like “10% off next visit.” For some valuable customer feedback you might find that’s it’s worth it to give a little.

Step 3: The Send Out

If you use a survey generator like SurveyMonkey you have a slew of avenues you can use to get your survey to your customers. You can choose to distribute it through mobile, email, social media, or all three if you want. Don’t just arbitrarily choose. Really think about which medium your customers use more. What has the highest chance of reaching them? Think then execute!

1… 2… 3… You’re done! You are well on your way to crafting awesome online customer surveys for you to gain a closer at customer base and all their needs.

Are you already a survey crafting pro? What’s your business’ secrets to making surveys? Leave us a comment below! 



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