3 Ways Landscapers Can Stay Top-of-Mind This Winter

There’s a crisp chill in the air, hats, scarves and puffy jackets are emerging from their attic resting place, and with the start of December we can’t deny it anymore - winter is here. Now, some may be taking to the streets singing “Let it Snow! Let it Snow! Let it Snow!” but most landscape business owners are no such folks.

During the winter months some landscaping businesses get hit by a cold spell (pun intended). You go through a few months of hibernation, and hope your customers remember to call you once spring rolls around again. Stop hoping and start acting. It’s vital during these winter months for landscaping businesses to stay in the front of customers’ minds, so they’re remembered when things warm up later. Here are the best 3 ways for your landscaping business to stay top-of-mind this winter.

1. Stay Social with Facebook

Did you know that about 71% of online adults use Facebook? Social media sites such as Facebook act as a great outlet for you to engage and communicate with a large audience... for free! Creating a Facebook page for you business is a breeze and only takes a second.

Then, with your extra time during the off season, you can use this page to share a few thoughtful posts and eye-catching visuals with your customers. Consider doing this on a weekly basis, minimum. It will give your landscaping business semi-regular facetime with potential customers, so even though they might not be using your business as much in the winter they won’t forget about you.

2. Send out a Monthly Winter Newsletter

While things were hot in the spring and summer, hopefully you were capturing customer email addresses. This way you have the power to start heating things up again as it gets colder. During your off season, get some one-on-one conversations going with your customers going through a little email marketing.

Consider starting a monthly newsletter to send out to customers during the winter months. Some important points to include in your newsletter are:

  • Current positive customer testimonials  

  • Current specials and promotions

  • Visuals of some of your recent jobs

  • Upcoming specials and promotions to come in the spring

Use your winter newsletter to remind customers that your landscaping business not only continues to produce great work, but that there are exciting things to come in the spring so that they should stay tuned and get pumped!

3. Send out a Customer Survey

Any downtime that may come with the winter months grants your landscaping business the perfect opportunity to reach out to customers for a little feedback. Sending out a customer survey is a great way for your business to:

  • Gauge current performance

  • Identify how to improve on future jobs

  • Show customers you care

If you want customers to remember your business through the winter months a survey is the perfect solution. Besides the fact that you can evaluate and improve on your business’ performance, surveys help establish an emotional bond between you and your customers. It’s your way of telling your customers that you care what they have to say and are willing to listen. It’s a deeper bond like that which will get customers to choose you when the days get warmer.


Interested in taking your Facebook page to the next level? Check out our free Beginner's Guide to Social Media! 


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John Rigo

John Rigo is a content marketer with Booker. His areas of expertise are writing and market research. John brings a unique perspective to the blogosphere with his extensive background in publishing. He also has a love for small and local businesses – how they work, how they grow, and why they succeed.

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