3 Ways Small Businesses Handle Growing Pains: Managing More Employees

John Rigo

First, there were maybe one or two. Next, a few more might of hopped onboard. Then before you knew it, you found yourself managing a whole bunch of employees. It’s getting crowded! Your client base has been expanding, your revenue has been increasing - your small business has just been growing as a whole.

Now, you might have had a handle on things when you had one or two employees working under you, but when you’re batting the management of a dozen employees, you might be feeling a little flustered.

Let the stress fade - let’s take a look at some of the best employee management practices to help keep all your little ducklings in an organized, single-filed, row.

1. Check-Up Times

You put in a lot of time making sure that your customers are happy, right? Well, you should be putting in just as much time to make sure your employees are happy too. They are your business' foundation and without them your small business couldn't thrive.

Consider setting up individual check-up times. You can make them weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly (monthly at the very least!!). These don’t have to be super long. 15-20 minutes should do the trick.

These check-ups help remind employees that even though the business is growing, you still see them as individuals and care about their individual needs. Additionally, it’s a good opportunity to address any issues or changes you’d like to see them make, and check up on their performance.

2. Optimize Employee Schedule Setting

As a small business owner, time is something that you have very little of, especially with a growing number of employees on your hands. Maybe, when you were just accounting for one or two other people, things were manageable but with your growing number of employees you definitely don’t have time to manually manage all your employees schedules anymore.

You might want to think about looking into management software that can assist you with managing all your employees’ schedules. Ideal management systems should sync employee schedules with your calendar, offer payroll support and/or integration, and be accessible through mobile. Sounds like you’re asking for a lot, huh? Not at all - your time is precious, but effectively managing your employees is equally important to you, so it’s imperative the solution you take is everything you need and more.

3. Organize/Keep Detailed Records

So, we’ve told you all about how your customer records need a home, but something we failed to mention is that your employee records need somewhere to live as well. It’s important to keep track of employee schedules, compensation numbers, and overall hours in order to properly manage employees, but with a growing number, all this data can become difficult to record.

You need to establish a system to record, organize, and track all employee records. When making management decisions, it’s important that you can easily access all this information when you need it. If you don’t have the time to manually record and manage your employee records, similar to with employee scheduling, you might want to consider management software to lend you a hand.

Is your small business currently dealing with growing pains? How do you cope? Leave us a comment below!

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