4 Signs of a Great POS System

Aditi Vora

Think about the last time you sold a product or service at your business. What was the process like? Was it a cash transaction? Did your customer try to pay with a credit card? Gift certificate? Maybe there was the use of points from your built-in rewards program.

Or perhaps you only had the option of accepting payment with cash or a credit card.

When it comes to choosing your point of sale system or even whether to stay with your current point of sale system or not, there are a few things to look out for. You want you point of sale to provide multiple payment options, you want your system to be secure, and you want your system to keep transaction rates as low as possible. Let’s check the signs for what makes a great POS system:

1. Integrates with Online Booking

A sign of a good POS system is the ability for it to integrate with your online booking. When a customer books an appointment with your business, it’s important to consider their convenience. If your point of sale integrates with your online booking system, you’ll be able to seamlessly charge your customer at the close of their service. The integration eliminates the extra step of tallying up the services, taxes, and tips.

Another bonus with your POS system integrating with your online booking is the ability to process no-show and cancellation fees. Once your customer decides that he or she won’t be making it to their appointment, you’ll be able to automatically charge them for the absence. This will encourage your customers to keep their appointments while reducing the potential loss of revenue you would endure with each cancellation.

2. Decreases Extra Costs

As with any POS process, there are always fees associated with every transaction. What’s the point of accepting a credit card charge if the fee is astronomical? Look for a POS system that charges at a low rate, thus keeping you and your customers happy.

3. Loyalty Programs

As we stated before, the more payment options available to your customers, the better. The added convenience could help to bolster your customer retention efforts and increase your customer loyalty. With a good POS system, you’re able to back up your customer loyalty campaigns by accepting gift certificates, loyalty points, pre-paid services, and memberships along with the usual cash and credit cards. With customers being able to pick and choose their methods of payments, especially the use of their loyalty points, they’ll be more and more likely to return back to your business for repeat services.

4. Ecommerce

When you’ve got a POS that integrates with your entire business’ management platform, you’ll gain access to the benefits of ecommerce and enjoy all the extra revenue that comes along with it. While you may be selling items at your storefront, you’re limiting yourself to customers that are both local and able to make physical trips to your store. With ecommerce, you’ve opened yourself up to possible revenue from both near and far.

Are you seeing all the signs now? Does your POS provide you with any of these added services meant to grow your business? If not, you may want to consider the other options out there.

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Aditi Vora

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