4 Tips to Maximize Your Mobile Presence

Lisa Starr
Mobile presence tips for small businesses and local businesses

Take a minute and consider your friends, family, and customers. How many of them carry a smartphone or tablet with them everywhere they go? If you’re like most people, the answer to that question is “almost all of them.”

This trend holds true throughout the United States. Fifty-eight percent of adults now own a smartphone*, and that percentage is projected to grow rapidly over the next few years. Not only are more people adopting mobile technology—they’re also spending more and more time using it. On average, mobile users spend upwards of 3 hours a day on their devices, a figure that’s increasing each year.

All of these facts support what we already intuitively know from our day-to-day experience: Mobile plays a starring role in modern society. So what are you doing to build your business’s presence on this ubiquitous medium?

Whether you’ve already gone mobile or are still considering how and when you want to take that step, these 4 tips will help you maximize your mobile presence.

Tip 1: Optimize Your Website for Mobile

According to a recent survey of small business owners, 60% said they currently host mobile-optimized websites for their business, and an additional 32% said they plan to optimize their website for mobile in the next 6 months.* Having a desktop website is great, but unless it also works well on mobile, your business will risk losing out on valuable mobile search traffic from local consumers.

Tip 2: Host a Mobile App for Your Business

Mobile users spend 80% of their time within apps as opposed to within a mobile web browser like Safari or Chrome.* That averages 2.5 hours per person per day! If you want to secure a prominent placement on your current clients’ smartphone display, hosting a dedicated mobile app for your business is a great strategy. Seeing your app icon on a regular basis will help you stay top-of-mind with customers—and encourage repeat bookings and purchases.

Tip 3: Invest in Mobile Advertising

Local search is quickly transitioning to mobile, and digital advertising is following suit. Experts project that by 2016, 88% of local advertising will be delivered on a mobile device.* Local businesses are already seeing the value of mobile advertising: 21% are currently running mobile ads (either through Google or in-app advertising), and more are jumping on the bandwagon every month. If you haven’t already, now’s the time to start experimenting with mobile advertising to raise awareness for your brand and drive walk-in traffic and bookings for your business.

Tip 4: Revamp Your Local Listings Pages

Local listings aren’t just for desktop. As of 2013, Yelp’s mobile app had more than 9.5 million unique users,* and other local discovery apps have substantial mobile traffic, as well. That’s why it’s essential that your business is listed on all of the top local discovery engines and that you optimize your listings page content to drive consumers on desktop and mobile to engage with your business.

The Bottom Line

Mobile is a crucial part of your business’s digital presence, and will only grow in importance as consumer behaviors continue to evolve. Make sure your business is investing in mobile now so you can reap the benefits later.

Learn how one business owner found success with a dedicated mobile app for her salon in this case study. 

*Data sources: Constant Contact, Localvox, Yelp


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Lisa Starr

Lisa Starr brings over 30 years of industry-specific experience as a consultant, educator and writer to Booker. Lisa also works for Wynne Business, a leading spa consulting and education company. Among other things, Lisa’s expertise lies in business operations and finances, sales and marketing, inventory management, human resource development, and business process improvement. She is a well-known speaker within the trade show circuit and is a frequent contributor to industry.

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