5 Affordable Ways To Get More Leads

Shereen Dindar

Sick of using the same lead generation techniques with the same tired returns?

As a small business owner, you’re probably turned off by expensive marketing campaigns that may or may not bring you enough leads to justify the cost. Yet you’re fully aware of just how important it is to keep the sales funnel open to ensure your continued success.

You may be asking yourself, are there actually affordable ways to get more leads? It’s something you’ve likely been wondering about at every stage of your business. Yet when it comes to getting leads through a digital funnel there are several cheap, and even free, techniques.

Here are five of them:


1. Create a simple landing page

You’ve probably heard this one before because it’s such an important part of digital marketing. If you’ve gotten someone to design your website, get them to include a specific landing page with the intention to capture email addresses. The landing page needs an offer -- like an ebook, coupon, infographic or podcast. Whatever it is, it needs to be desired enough that people will give you their contact information for it. The page will also require a call-to-action (CTA) button that prompts the person to type their email. Don’t underestimate the importance of the language in the CTA. Changing just one word in a CTA can result in a 40 percent difference in the number of leads you get.

2. Ditch the paper at trade shows

Paper forms and business card fish bowls at trade shows are so 1982. Be modern and efficient with a lead capture app that collect attendees contact information and stores it on a tablet. Using an app can result in 150 percent more leads than paper. You can entice attendees with a contest, trivia quiz or scratch-to-win prize -- all displayed on the tablet with an appealing image. But make sure the app you choose also has badge scanning capabilities for those hot leads who are in a rush and just want to scan and run. Once you get back to the office, all your contacts can be easily transferred to a CRM like SalesForce or an email program like MailChimp for automatic email follow up.

3. Learn to use Twitter more effectively

Twitter isn’t all about blasting marketing messages about your products. It can be a great tool for connecting with industry influencers by retweeting their ideas, mentioning them in relevant posts and interjecting in their conversations with smart comments. Scan their follower lists for ideas on who to follow because chances are their customers could one day become yours. Beyond leveraging influencers, also look for hashtag conversations happening about industry topics and jump in on them by posting content from your blog. Just make sure your comments and content are relevant, not overly promotional, and provide useful information to others in your field.

4. Make your brand known on Pinterest

The thing that makes Pinterest unique compared to other social media platforms is that 70 percent of users visit the site to get inspiration about what to purchase. With over 100 million active monthly users -- 85 percent of whom are women -- that amounts to a relatively large captive audience. Depending on what you’re selling, Pinterest could be a marketer's dream. Coupons are particularly effective when used with the words free, discount or deal. To set them up, create a coupon board and pin all your deals. Run the coupons through your website using a third-party application, so that when a Pinterest user clicks on a deal they are taken to a coupon page on your website. Also, advertising on the platform can be done through promoted pins which blend in seamlessly with other content.

5. Record a podcast with an expert

Podcasts may not be sexy, but they have been around forever and are a cheap way to give insider information to your target audience. Whether you’re a B2B business that records an interview with an industry expert or a B2C business that records an informal chat with a hot celebrity -- both these scenarios give your company clout. They position you as having insider knowledge, something that your potential customers can’t get anywhere else. Just be sure that the podcast topic isn’t only of interest to your current customers. Your goal in sharing a podcast is to get non-customers and industry influencers to sign-up for your email funnel. You should also be able to generate high quality backlinks if influencers post the podcast on their websites.


As you can see from the list above, most of these lead generation techniques are extremely cheap and require more time than anything else. If you’re willing to do research and learn how to use each of these techniques effectively, your returns could be game-changing. The key is to read every article you can get your hands on about each of these topics and execute a strategy to the best of your ability. Good luck!

About the Author

Shereen Dindar

Shereen Dindar is the content manager for QuickTapSurvey, an in-person customer feedback tool for small and medium-sized businesses. She is responsible for leading the company’s content marketing efforts as customers look to QuickTapSurvey for tips and suggestions. Read her insights on the QuickTapSurvey blog.

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