5 Faces of Fitness Instructors: An Emotional Spectrum

Being a fitness instructor isn’t always easy. In fact, a single class can often be a rollercoaster ride along the emotional spectrum. We think you’ll recognize some of the faces below, whether you’ve made them yourself or seen them on other teachers.

1. Happiness

This is your default mode. You’re at the start of a class and you’re pumped to get going!

Carlton Fresh Prince Happy Face

Source: replygif.net

2. Surprise

You’re looking out of your class, and everyone is doing great—except for one student. You wonder how they even managed to contort their body in that position…

Eyebrow raise David Tennant

Source: pixgood.com

3. Concern

Are you doing something wrong? Are these students just having an off day? You’re starting to feel concerned…

Concerned Face Hayden Panettiere

Source: thousands-of-gifs.tumblr.com

4. Determination

You refuse to give up. You know your students can do this! Even if they don’t seem to be able to right at this very moment.

Determined Face Will Smith

5. Frustration

You vent your frustration with a trusted co-worker after class is over. And then you move on. 

Facepalm Captain Picard

Source: gifsoup.com

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