5 Spa and Salon Retail Promotion Ideas for Valentine's Day

Zoe Carey

Retail Promotion Ideas

When it comes to Valentine’s Day and spending money on loved ones, we Americans don’t hold back. We love showering our special someone with chocolates, flowers, plush toys, love notes, you name it. That’s why it comes as no surprise that last year alone Americans spent a whopping $19 billion on Valentine’s Day gifts.

Now, you might be thinking, my salon/spa doesn't sell any of those gifts, so how can I possibly get in on the profit frenzy of Valentine's Day? Don't worry--there is a way for spas and salons to easily compete with Valentine's Day hard-hitters like Edible Arrangements and Godiva Chocolates. Your answer: spice up your products and turn up the heat on retail items. Check out these 5 retail promotion ideas you can use at your spa/salon to generate a little extra cash this Valentine's Day.

1. Give Your Clients Something to Look At

For Valentine’s Day, you’ll want to invest in some holiday-themed gift wrap and tote bags. For many clients (especially those of the male variety), wrapping gifts is an added stress, so help them avoid it all together. Add a festive, Valentine’s theme to all your product bundles. Arranging a product bundle filled with the best products is only half the battle. Don’t forget that the other half is all about the presentation!

2. Offer Valentine’s Day Specials

Everyone loves a good deal, and everyone loves to get more bang for their buck--especially when it comes to buying gifts for loved ones. Boost your sales around the holiday by offering discounts for certain products and services. For example, at your spa, offer a discount on a Valentine’s day couples massage or 25% off a facial. Additionally, consider pairing slightly less popular products with a super-popular one at a discounted price. This way, you’ll be generating revenue by selling products that usually collect dust on the shelves.

3. A Little Extra Lovin’ for Loyal Customers

Why not reward your loyal customers this Valentine’s Day? We’ve already told you all about how important it is to keep customer profiles and track customer loyalty. Now it’s time to spring that into action! This Valentine’s Day tell those loyal customers - thank you! Try creating some sort of, “We love our customers” discount, by offering confirmed loyal customers  special discounts on a variety of your products or services. Rewarding your current customers will keep them coming back, and will generate you more revenue for Valentine’s Day.

4. Consider Teaming Up with a Charity

Valentine’s Day is a time for love, so why not share the love with a charity that both you and your customers respect? You can start by offering a specific service or product at your spa/salon, and then donating a certain percentage of the proceeds to charity. If your favorite charity isn’t immediately popping into mind, consider following in the Valentine’s Day spirit by teaming up with the American Heart Association or Go Red for Women. Your customers will feel great about purchasing a gift that gives back to the community, and so will you!

5. Promote, Promote, Promote!

The last thing you would want is having all your Valentine’s Day special offers and discounts go unnoticed by the public. So, make sure to promote everything on social media. Getting the word out about your spa or salon’s Valentine’s Day promotions is the most important step toward generating revenue and increasing sales for this love-filled holiday.

With these retail promotion ideas in mind, your small business will be raking in the cash this Valentine’s Day. What’s your spa or salon's secret? Let us know your business' best retail promotion ideas! 


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Zoe Carey

Zoe Carey is a writer for the Booker Blog and has spent the better part of her career working with people in the small business industry. Her true passion for marketing stems from her curiosity about the way in which people think and act.

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