5 Spring Makeup Looks to Banish Your Winter Blues

Ashley Taylor Anderson

Is anyone else tired of winter? We’re desperate for Vitamin D, temperatures warm enough to wear flats again, and a whole lot less snow.

Since the seasons unfortunately don’t obey our whims, we’re cheering ourselves up with these 5 spring makeup looks until winter finally comes to an end. Try them yourself if you’re battling the winter blues!

Look 1: Brown Shadow

A little hit of bronze reminds us that sunshine will return. Eventually. 

Spring makeup look - brown eyeshadow

Source: Gucci

2. Winged Liner and Blush

This fun winged eyeliner paired with some serious blush has us feeling rosy.

spring makeup look - winged liner

Source: Saint Laurent

3. Berry Lips and Nude Shadow

This juicy lipstick and light shadow are a treat for the eyes. 

spring makeup look - berry lips

Source: Dolce&Gabbana

4. Bright Shadow

We love this subtle take on neon: a rim of bright blue paired with dark liner and brown shadow. 

spring makeup look - bright liner

Source: Elie Saab

5. Luscious Lavender

A fairy-dusting of lavender shadow and subtly lilac lipstick are pure springtime magic. 

spring makeup look - lavender makeup

Source: Derek Lam

About the Author

Ashley Taylor Anderson

Ashley Taylor Anderson is a content developer and marketer who's spent her career knee-deep in the B2B technology space. In previous professional lives, she worked as a science textbook editor, media producer, and pastry chef.

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