These 5 Tips Will Help Increase Your Client Base at Your Float Spa

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With summer coming to an end, tons of people will be looking for new ways to stay relaxed during the hustle and bustle of the fall season. Think about it. Most people are coming back from trips they waited all year for or they are trying to wrangle their kids to get ready for the new school year. So, why not try to coax these folks into your float spa to offer them some much-needed R & R?

As a business owner, you know that driving more, new clients to your float spa can certainly be exhausting. In today’s day and age it’s pretty hard to catch potential clients’ attention. That’s why you constantly find yourself crafting new and different ways just to catch their eye and draw them in. It can be draining.

So, if you’re at a loss of fresh ideas for bringing in more clients, we’re here to help you out. Today, we’re going through the 5 quickest and easiest ways for how to attract clients to your float spa. 

1. Keep Your Float Spa’s Website Updated

First impressions are everything. They can be nearly impossible to undo which can work for you in a good way or a bad way. Now, in many cases your business’ website acts as your first impression to new, potential clients. That’s why it’s so crucial you make sure that when an onlooker stumbles upon it, they’re impressed by what they see.

Make sure your website is easily navigable, up-to-date, and aesthetically pleasing. Here are some major pointers to consider when glossing over your website.

a). Populate your page with photos of your staff loving what they do, and your happy clients enjoying their experience. It’s important to not only tell new, potential clients why they should come to your business, but it’s equally important to show them.

b). Make sure new potential clients can easily access information on all your services, pricing, and any specials you may be currently running.

c). Can clients book an appointment straight from your website? Online booking software can help greatly in bringing in new clients, as it is extremely convenient for them to book appointments straight from your website while they’re browsing.

2. Create First-Time Visit Specials

A client’s first visit to your float spa is a pretty special event. It’s their way of extending their trust in you and the services you provide. That’s why it’s important you acknowledge and celebrate that trust and emphasize how special that first time visit really is to you. A warm welcome can go a long way when it comes to attracting new clients.

Consider creating a first-time special to celebrate clients’ first visit to your spa. This promotion can be simple. For instance, something like: receive $10 off your first visit. Just make sure you’re providing any potential, new clients with a little extra incentive to step through your doors. Use these first-time specials as a means to give clients, who might have been slightly unsure, ample motivation for giving your float spa a try.

3. Capitalize on Season-Specific Promotions

Now is the PERFECT time for local businesses to create and capitalize on season-specific promotions. Think about it — it's back-to-school season AND the end of summer. Lots of parents are probably looking to relax after getting their kids ready for the school year - or maybe they are longing for an escape after vacation season is over. 

Create a seasonal theme for your promotions. It’s an easy way for you to catch the eye of new, potential clients and better resonate with what’s currently going on in their lives. Give your promotions creative, seasonal specific names, color them in seasonal appropriate shades, and liter them with cute, seasonal themed caricatures or animations. The biggest secret to success when creating seasonal specific promotions? Have fun with making them! It’s a jubilation that clients will pick up on and attract them to your doors.

4. Utilize Your Social Media Pages

Looking for a way to get the word out about your float spa to hundreds of new, potential clients for the amazing price of... free? Well, look no further. Think — social media. Major social media platforms are a simple way for local businesses to start a conversation with tons of potential, new clients that they would not have been able to speak with otherwise. The big social media platforms that can help your float spa attract more clients are…

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest

Your social media pages are a place you can keep clients abreast on all your new promotions, and it’s another outlet for you to visually show clients the benefits of your treatments. You can even use it as a means to answer direct questions. Bottom line — with about 78% of small businesses reporting that at least of quarter of their new customers were acquired via social media, this is an avenue at least worth trying out.

5. Start Up a Referral Program

You may be a little surprised to see this one on the list. Usually referral programs are used to promote customer loyalty and retention. Well, that’s true BUT they also act as an effective means of client acquisitions. Your current clients all have friends and family, and tapping into this network is how you can access an expansive, new pool of additional clients.

Start accessing your clients’ network by implementing a referral program. Referral programs are great for encouraging new business. In fact, the New York Times reported in a recent survey that business owners reported about 65% of their new clients were generated through referral programs.

Interested in learning more about how online booking can help in attracting new clients to your float spa? Check out our booking benefits guide!



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