6 Salon Marketing Ideas for 2016

John Rigo

salon marketing ideas

It’s a new year, and with a new year comes tons of new trends. It’s important for any business owner to stay in-the-know. Otherwise, your spa or salon runs the risk of falling behind. There are new hair trends to try, new makeup trends to master and new nail trends to own. More importantly, there are a bunch of new marketing trends you can uncover to help your spa or salon make this year it’s best one yet.

Below are the best five spa and salon marketing ideas of 2016 for you to give a try:

1. Post Client Photos On Facebook: If you’re not doing this already, you really need to start in 2016. Facebook gives spa and salon owners a free (...yes, free!) opportunity to not only promote their business verbally, but more importantly visually. In 2016 don’t just tell customers, but show them why you’re the best at what you do. At the risk of being completely cliche` - remember, a picture is worth a thousands words.

2. Online Directories - Get Your Spa or Salon Listed: It’s 2016 and the days of the giant, yellow phonebooks have passed. There’s a new tool customers are using to find your spa and salon - online directories. In 2016 make sure that you’ve got your spa or salon listed on major directories such as Google and/or Yelp. Considering that about 61% of consumers use online directories to connect them with local businesses, you want to have your business listed there.... now!

3. Monthly Specials: Think of spicing things up in 2016 and attempt to create a new monthly special at your every month. It doesn’t have to be anything crazy, the point here is just to generate a little buzz, give clients something to be excited about. Try something like $5 of your next cut here, 10% of your facial there. It's nothing too crazy, but still something to talk about. A little buzz can go a long way in terms of attracting more clients to your shop.

4. Monthly Newsletter: If you don’t do so already, 2016 is the year for you to finally start that company newsletter. Emailing your clients a monthly newsletter is the perfect way for your spa or salon to stay top-of-mind and remind clients to come pay (literally) you a visit. Some great things to consider including in your newsletter are:

  • Current positive customer testimonials
  • Current specials and promotions
  • Visuals of services, products, and/or happy clients

5. Start Up a Loyalty Program: On average, it’s been found that attracting new customers can cost 6-7x more than prompting repeat business, and on top of that, repeat customers typically spend about 67% more per transaction. That’s why 2016 is the year that your spa or salon starts up a loyalty program. Creating, and implementing a simple loyalty program can greatly help in promoting repeat, lifelong customers, which in turn saves your business with advertising expenses and boosts your overall revenue with purchases - a win-win! 

6. Capitalize on Big Holidays: Don't forget about all the big upcoming holidays this year. From St. Patty's Day to Mother's Day, from Prom Season to Wedding Season, there are plenty of opporunities for boosting your sales and revenue. 

Well, those are our spa and salon marketing ideas to try out in 2016! If you have any suggestions of your own feel free to share! Be sure to leave a comment below! 


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