6 Yoga Poses to Quickly Clear Your Cluttered Mind

John Rigo

Are enough staff on hand today? Did you remember to check your inventory stock?  How am I going to leave early today and pick the kids up from practice? Maybe I can ask my neighbor. Wait, have enough appointments been booked today? I still have to figure out dinner...

As a business owner, sometimes your mind probably feels like twister spiraling out of control with things to do. A cluttered mind can keep you from performing at your best, and let’s face it, an owner always needs to be on their A-game. Plus, clearing your mind can help you return to your concerns with a better train of thought.

Take a deep breath, dedicate 5 minutes, and do a little yoga. A little bit of yoga has been proven to calm your nerves, help you focus, and make you feel happier, overall. All it takes is a few minutes! Here’s a quick yoga sequence you can use to clear your mind, and retake the steering wheel of your life.  

1. Mountain Pose

This pose primarily focuses on your breathing. Stand tall, hands together in front of your chest, and slightly bow your head. Hold this pose steady for 30 deep breaths and let your troubles being to fade away.

source: www.brigiddineen.com

2. Warrior I

Next, situate yourself into a lunge-type positioning. Lift your arms up, press your palms together, and look up to your hands. Hold this pose for 15 breaths.

source: www.popsugar.com.au
3. Warrior II

Make a fluid transition from your warrior I position right into a warrior II hold. For this one, you’re maintaining the same lunge position, but this time bring your hands down and stretch out your fingers in opposite directions. It should feel as if your right hand is pulling you forward and your left hand is pulling you back. Hold this pose for another 15 breaths.

source: yogalifespark.com

4. Warrior III

This next and final warrior pose takes a little bit of balance. Bring both hands to your front and lift one of your legs up behind you. Essentially, keep your body at a 180 degree angle and hold strong on one leg. Try and keep this pose for 10 breaths if you can.

source: www.popsugar.com

5. Butterfly Pose  

Bring yourself to the floor, sitting on your butt and extending your knees out on each side of you. The palms of your feet should come together. Bring your hands in and open your feet like a book. Hold this pose for 15 breaths.

source: www.actionhub.com

6. Savasana

Complete this brief yoga routine with a savasana pose. Just like the mountain pose, for this position you should focus intently on your breathing. From the butterfly pose, lay on your back, arms up, and close your eyes. Don’t think about anything, not a single thing, except your breathing. Hold this last pose as long as you want (or can allow yourself to) my yogi friend.

source: yoga.about.com

It’s impossible to work at your best with a million worries on your mind. In order to move forward sometimes we need to take a step back, take a deep breath, and take 5 minutes for ourselves. Do a little yoga from time to time, your mind and your body will thank you. Namaste~

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