7 Destination Spas We Want to Visit

Ashley Taylor Anderson

Autumn is settling in here in New York City, and that means it’s starting to get shiver-our-timbers cold outside. So this week, we’re daydreaming about a relaxing, warm getaway to one of these 7 lovely destinations.

1. The Westin Denarau Island Resort & Spa

This Fiji getaway looks like a slice of island paradise. 

Source: Westin Denaru Island

2. The Tatewari Spa at Villa La Estancia

Mexico? Beach? Hot tub? We’re in. 

Source: Villa La Estancia

3. Sugar Bay Resort & Spa

A few days of soothing spa treatments in the Virgin Islands sounds pretty good right about now. 

Source: Sugar Bay Resort

4. Sequoia Day Spa

A relaxing whirlpool and shopping in Angers, France sounds like just what the doctor ordered. Team road trip?

Source: Sequoia Day Spa

5. Hilton Orlando Spa

We want to go to there. And get a hot rock massage.

Source: Hilton Orlando

6. Amilla Fushi Resort Maldives

Excuse us while we drool. Over. This. Pool. 

Source: Amilla Fushi Resort

7. spa LONDON – Epsom

We’ll take an invigorating body scrub before a spot of tea in Surrey, thank you kindly.

Source: spa LONDON

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Ashley Taylor Anderson

Ashley Taylor Anderson is a content developer and marketer who's spent her career knee-deep in the B2B technology space. In previous professional lives, she worked as a science textbook editor, media producer, and pastry chef.

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