7 Ways to Improve Workplace Culture at Your Salon or Spa

Allie Shaw

Research firm Deloitte reports 87% of surveyed companies consider workplace culture and employee engagement to be important issues. The respondents state these two items impact not only workplace performance but also talent recruitment and retention efforts. Because of that, companies should invest in building work cultures “defined by meaningful work, deep employee engagement, job and organizational fit, and strong leadership.”

If you want the employees in your salon or spa to enjoy their work culture, you should strive for those same ideals. This article will help you learn how to embrace and create a positive workplace culture.

Benefits of positive workplace cultures

Your efforts to craft a welcoming and supportive work culture for your employees will have far-reaching benefits:

Competitive Advantages: Talented hairstylists, cosmetologists, and aestheticians will want to work for you when your salon or spa boasts a happy workplace. Sales could increase, too, as customers become more aware about your welcoming environment and happy employees. 

Productivity: When employees enjoy coming to work each day, they often work harder. William Craig, Forbes contributor, suggests happiness causes employees “to exceed expectations, meaning your entire office can get more done.”

Health: Workplace cultures affect people’s health both positively and negatively. A less stressful, supportive work environment can result in fewer absences, sick days, accidents, and stress-related illnesses. 

7 ways to improve your workplace culture

To claim these benefits for your own salon or spa, start by focusing on your employees’ well-being and strengths—it builds a strong, long-lasting foundation for both your workplace culture and employee morale. Then, focus on specific principles and perks to create a workplace culture you and your employees will be proud of.

Lead: Your workplace culture starts with you, so model desired behaviors. Your employees won’t transform overnight, but they will change as you demonstrate and affirm positive values and attitudes.

Listen: One of the best tactics to improve culture and increase employee morale is to listen to people. Take a genuine interest in your employees’ lives. Discover their passions and encourage them to pursue them, inside and outside of work. 

Communicate: Employees worry when you don’t tell them what’s going on, so communicate about your salon or spa regularly. Host a monthly update, sharing latest numbers, upcoming sales, and projections. Ask for their input, too. They may have an idea that will help your company grow.

Praise: Let your employees know you value them and their work with affirming shout-outs. Do these in person and, for a boost of brand awareness, on social media.

Discounts: Employees enjoy discounts, and you can usually give them at little or no cost to you. If you do, you’ll experience another positive outgrowth: brand ambassadors. Your employees will share their experiences with customers, helping drive up sales. 

Snacks: No one likes to work hungry, so create a small break room or kitchenette. Outfit it with healthy snacks and drinks. Remember the caffeine too. Someone at your salon or spa, maybe you, probably wants tea or coffee at some point during the day.

Internet: Finally, provide quality internet. Having good Wi-Fi can provide perks for your employees like music streaming in the salon or video streaming in a break area or customer waiting space. Slow internet can even hurt you on the business side by delaying payments, discouraging research into the latest styles and products, and frustrating daily marketing and management functions.

You can create a positive workplace culture by applying the seven tips shared here and taking a moment to appreciate your employees. Showing them you care helps them care more about your company.

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