A New Year, A New 'Do

Barry Eichner
New year's success tips for salons

It's 2014, and time to discover your new 'do'.

Although a fresh haircut or a new twist on your hair color can be great ways to kick off the New Year; it's not exactly the 'do' that comes to mind. Instead, I want to bring to light things that you can do impact your salon the most as you walk through this year.

As a salon owner or manager, it seems natural to want to make goals to improve your business.  But, what do you focus on and where do you set the bar? 

Here are 5 sure fire tips for you to help you increase your business, and a few Key Performance Indicators (KPI) to help set goals for your team and grow!

1.  Focus on Repeat Clientele
Return clients are the core of every salon’s business. Owners spend valuable resources marketing the salon to bring new clients through the doors.  It’s resonable for owners to hold the stylists accountable for retaining those clients.  Use your software to track the percentage of returning clients that each stylist services on a monthly basis will give you a quick and accurate gage on retention.  Studies have shown that 80% of salon revenue will come from 20% of their existing clientele. Depending on the age of your salon and the tenure of the team member, these numbers can vary.  Ideally, find an average for your salon and set benchmarks for your team that are achievable and then continually challenge them to grow.  

2.  Highlight Add-On Services
Your salon can offer exceptional customer service by making sure that the stylists are providing in-depth consultations.  When these consultations are done effectively, there is open communication that is natural and professional.  Your stylists will be able to find what each client needs for maximum hair health.  They can then turn to your salon service menu and offer add-on services such as conditioning treatments, color extenders and specialty treatments.  These add-on service dollars can be measured as a percentage of their total service dollars.  You can create a goal for everyone to strive for on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. 

3.  Promote Package & Series Sales
Nothing ensures an ongoing amount of return clients as the sale of packages and series.  Series of blowouts and keratin treatments or packages of manicures and pedicures are basic treatments that a majority of your clients purchase can be sold in groups with a discount.  These offers also help to enhance the client’s experience as well as increase their frequency of visit (FOV) to your salon. 

4.  Motivate Retail Sales
Many salon owners are unaware that retail sales are where their overall profit is hiding.  When every stylist views product retail as a customer service opportunity and not a pushy sales task – your salon will find retail sales success.  Helping clients understand how the professional quality products can positively impact hair health and style makes the recommendation of products a natural and fluid process.  You can measure retail sales as a percentage of a stylists overall service sales.  

5.  Welcome Client Feedback
This last category is like the cherry on top of the proverbial sundae.  Comment cards at the front desk are just a good business practice.  You can set up a program that rewards stylists when clients mention them by name on a comment card.  This has helped many salons improve all of the afore mentioned performance indicators. Stylists are focused on providing exceptional customer service and they work to achieve success in each area, which naturally creates a positive guest experience.  


About the Author

Barry Eichner

Barry Eichner, founder of Barry Eichner Consulting, specializes in articulating a spa's online presence through web site development, search engine optimization, blogging, e-mail marketing and social media. He has over 20 years of experience in marketing strategy, implementation, and consulting of beauty based businesses. Find out more about Barry by visiting barryeichner.com.

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