Adjusting Your Yoga Studio's Hours for the Holidays

Yoga studio holiday hours

During the fall and winter holidays, your students have an extra-packed social calendar. As committed as they may be to their yoga practice, it may be challenging for them to stick to their normal routine with all of the additional parties, outings, and gatherings they want to squeeze in.  

In order to keep your class attendance and corresponding revenues high, it’s a good idea to take a look at your schedule to see how you can best help your students continue to practice without feeling guilty about enjoying the festivities of the holiday season. 

The first area that I recommend looking at is your attendance data from last year.  History always has a funny way of repeating itself.  Take a look at your historical class counts to see if there were any specific time slots that had an increase during November and December, and see which time slots were impossible to fill. 

You can also look at your current class counts to see where you may have opportunity to let go of a slumping class in exchange for one that may have attracted more students in the past.  Can you add more classes mid-day on weekends?  Perhaps your students will try and get to the mat on Saturday and Sunday in lieu of their regular weeknight class? 

You can also survey your students to find out when they would like to see more classes on your schedule.  Most studio management software includes survey functionality, but you can also use a third party service. This is the most accurate way to gain insight into how to adjust your hours.  If your results show a majority of students prefer morning classes, you can add extra morning classes that will allow for their satisfaction and your success. 

You can also talk to the teachers in your studio. Since they’re on the front lines with the students every day, they can often tell you anecdotally how their students’ schedules are changing during the holidays.  Ask them to touch base with their students to see when would be good times to add and or cut classes. 

One final important reminder:  You won’t be able to please everyone, so base your decisions on the largest segment of students who have the biggest impact on your studio’s revenue. There will always be a few students who will be opposed to change or unable to make even your new holiday class hours. Don’t take it personally! Instead, make sure to send them a special holiday wish and welcome them back in the new year with a thank you for their continued patronage. 

Learn more about how to make the most of the holidays for your studio in this free guide. 

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