All You'll See is Dollar Signs: Here's How Gift Certificates Will Rake in Holiday Revenue

Kate Rankin

Gift Certificates

Gift certificates are always a solid marketing tool for your business to turn to for the holiday season. They can help you attract new clientele, drive repeat business, increase your brand awareness and improve your sales.

As people buy them to give to their friends and family, your brand continues to be exposed to new customers. And, although gift certificates often have a specific value, many customers will end up spending more on other services and treatments once they’re in your facility.

But let’s face it, gift certificates take on a whole new significance at this time of year – they’re one of the biggest money earners during the holidays! And that’s why it’s important to start creating and communicating about them NOW.

To make it easier, let’s break the process of holiday gift certificate planning into manageable steps.

Step 1: Spread the Word

  • Make sure your clients know that you sell gift certificates.
  • Tell your customers that you sell instant gift certificates that can be printed anytime, anywhere. This is very important! Convenience is king.
  • Tease the sale of gift certificates by previewing them in email blasts now to tell your clients they’ll be available soon.

Step 2: Make Them Easy and Enticing

  • Make your gift certificates available from your website, Facebook Page and store.
  • Offer gift certificates in a range of dollar values, or allow people to choose their own amount.
  • Provide both electronic and print delivery options.
  • Consider giving a discount if the value of the gift certificate purchase reaches a certain threshold: say 10% off of a $100 gift certificate.
  • Create gift baskets with gift certificates inside and be sure to include your service menu. 

Step 3: Boost Your Brand

  • Use the holiday templates your software platform provides for you. This makes customizing, producing and distributing your gift certificates easy.
  • Include your logo, phone number, address and website URL on your gift certificates.

Step 4: Timing Is Everything

  • Focus your gift certificate promotions around Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday.
  • Do a pre-holiday sale on gift certificates before Thanksgiving and have it run through the following Wednesday.

Gift certificates are perfect for last-minute, indecisive shoppers who just can’t seem to figure out what to get their mom, grandma, aunt, sister, or friend. They’re an easy, flexible and appreciated gift option. Make it easy for your customers to purchase and use them.

About the Author

Kate Rankin

Kate Rankin is a writer and communicator with extensive experience in Public Relations, Media Relations and Marketing. She's spent the lion's share of her career in networking, which served as the perfect segue for writing about Booker's innovative software platform.

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