Benefits of an Online Survey

Aditi Vora

The benefits of an online survey versus traditional methods of gathering data range from convenience to budget conscience. We’ve already gone through how to craft the perfect online survey. Today, we’ll go through the reasons you should choose this medium when conducting any research for your small business.

1. Great for customer research

Information is power when it comes to wanting to grow your small business. With a great online survey, you’ll be able to gather information regarding you customers, their purchasing preferences, their service preferences, their buying behavior, and much more. Using this information, you’ll be able to tailor your marketing efforts to target each type of customer you both have and are looking to acquire.

2. Can help shape marketing strategy

Once you’ve conducted your customer research, you can use all the information found to shape up your marketing strategy. Perhaps some of your customers felt that they don’t really check their email regularly but, instead, use their Facebook to keep in touch. With this valuable information, you can make sure that you’re reaching your customers through both email and social media.

3. Low cost

The beauty if online surveys is how budget friendly they can be. Great services like Survey Monkey make it easy to create online surveys that are both effective and free.

4. Automated

Along with being budget-friendly, online surveys also have the added benefit of being automated. Once your respondent answers all the questions, they’ll be able to submit everything right away and get an automatic reply that their answers have been accepted.

5. Convenient and Flexible

Online surveys can be conducted anywhere and at any time. Whether the respondent is using a smart phone, a tablet, or on a desktop, he/she will always have access to the survey and be able to answer it through any device.

Online surveys also allow for convenience. There’s no designated time for these surveys. They don’t have to be face-to-face or performed at any specific place. Online surveys are the quickest and more efficient way to conduct some easy marketing research.

Are you curious about creating an online survey? Check out our post on how to craft the perfect online survey! 

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