Black Friday: A Day For Small Businesses to Strike Gold

Amy Cross

The holiday season offers numerous opportunities for small businesses to create discounts and deals to entice customers. Between Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday (spanning just one weekend!), holiday shoppers are vying for ground-breaking discounts and deals like no other. Black Friday was originally named for when retailers came into profit, or "the black.” It’s a day when brave holiday shoppers tap into their animal instincts and claw their way into some of the best sales of the year.

You may think that Black Friday only benefits large companies, but small businesses should, without question, take part in this cash king day. Reports claim that “Black Friday 2016" set another record with $27.5 billion sold, and as many as 101.7 million people surfing through the swarm of Black Friday shoppers - that's more than the 74 million people who shopped BlackFriday in 2015. 

There is a remarkable difference between shoppers’ spending on Thanksgiving Day versus Black Friday (the following day).

It was also found that, per shopper, $935.58 was the average amount spent during the whole of Black Friday weekend last year.” That’s certainly an impressive figure for just one weekend.

Black Friday can also mean huge dollars for your online sales. Last year, “e-commerce spending rose on Thanksgiving Day to $1.93 billion, and to $3.34 billion on Black Friday," in 2016.” Many shoppers don’t want to deal with the hoards of people that make their way out to the stores to clear out the shelves on Black Friday. They prefer the comfort of their own homes to click away at their own merriment.

However you choose to participate in the all-important shopping holiday of Black Friday, just know that the potential is there for your small business to make BIG time profits!


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Amy  Cross

Amy Cross is a digital marketer who specializes in the creative side of communications, with a focus in strategy, content, conception and design. She's worn numerous marketing hats in a variety of industries, including technology, professional services and higher education.

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